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April 16 2010

Edgar Wright tweets that he met Joss Whedon. Pop culture media starts to go into a tizzy over speculation about Ant-Man and Avengers movies.

Sadly, he actually tweeted that he met "Josh" Whedon. Heh. How did that spelling get corrected? I thought they couldn't be edited, but I know so little about TweetBook.
You can't edit tweets, you can only delete them. That's why the original W-esque post about it got deleted because the link was invalid cause Edgar deleted his tweet.

Anyhow Mr Wright reposted and the media is picking it up on it. Sorry for any confusion caused.
If anybody is wondering Marvel are doing the Ant-Man movie. (and Edgar is the director).

Also, Edgar an incredible director. Seriously: the energy and sheer geek love he brings to a project is amazing. He's also a joss geek - his first TV series, Spaced, references Buffy and Angel directly. Spaced is what lead to Shaun Of The Dead.

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Edgar Wright is pretty awesome. (Though I thought Hot Fuzz, while entertaining, was somewhat overrated and ran off the rails in its second half.)
I have to excuse that, as I have done it in the past. The 'h' just naturally seems to come after the 's', and then I look back at what I've typed and fix it. Usually I catch it before I actually use it for anything. It sounds like Edgar knew his name and just screwed up the spelling on accident.

I had no idea who Edgar Wright was before this, though. That's awesome.
Ack!! This makes it one degree closer to Simon Pegg working with Joss!! Ack!!
I really dig what I've seen of Edgar Wright's work since even if there are occasional things that slightly throw me off (like his smash cuts), on the whole he's got a sensibility I enjoy.

Now that I think about it, he and Joss do have this tendency to play things kind of straight emotionally but in a heightened reality where people can quip or cry without seeming overly twisted.

Maybe they're exchanging gossip about (potentially) working with Chris Evans and Olivia Williams beyond just Ant Man stuff?
James Moran who has written for more British genre shows than I've had hot dinners tweeted this.
Maybe they're exchanging gossip about (potentially) working with Chris Evans and Olivia Williams beyond just Ant Man stuff?

This reminded me that Olivia has worked for both guys already, of course. If you haven't already seen it, her cameo in Spaced is one of the all-time great things, among many great things, on that show.
I do love Edgar Wright and can't wait for Scott Pilgrim so this is likable news for me. I haven't seen Spaced yet though. Been meaning to for the longest time, just haven't gotten around to it. You know, once I'm done with Mad Men S3 it's going right to the top of the Netflix queue.
WilliamtheB -

Hot Fuzz DOES go off the rails in the second half. Brilliantly so. The movie is bathing in the juices of Bay, Bigelow, and McTiernan. Wright and Pegg wrote a very disciplined screenplay which results in a wonderfully in-disciplined movie.
I think my head would have exploded had I been in the room. Two of my all time favorite storytellers!
I'm still scatching my head to why this came as a shock?

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