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April 17 2010

WizardWorld Anaheim:Avi Arad seems to confirm Joss' Marvel movie work. The Live coverage is occuring at Newsarama.

10:50 Question for Arad: What can you tell us about Joss Whedon and Captain America?

10:50 Arad: My personal opinion is Joss will do a fantastic job ... he has a very unique, sophisticated sense of humor.

10:51 Arad: Most imporant, I think it's part of his life. So you know he's going to protect it. I am sure he'll make the script even better. And you guys trust him to bring this movie together.


Cool. But it would be better if he talked something about The Avengers too.
Well I rather figured that script-doctoring Captain America is pretty much roundabout absolute confirmation about the Avengers thing. I mean one reason why they would bring him on at all, considering how many drafts that script must have already gone through, is since he must have some sort of vested interest in how it turns out.

At least I imagined Whedon's at that level where he's not solely a script doctor? (Granted there are lots of other famous people who still go uncredited. Though I'm absolutely confused by this rumor I just discovered that Tom Stoppard of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead was reputedly involved with Revenge of the Sith.)

While part of the charm of the movies is that they all take place in their own little worlds to some extent and can tailor their tone to each of their needs, it's also interesting to see someone try and bring at least a little bit of the same sensibility across more than one of the projects. It's possibly hard enough to try and mesh in film a movie with at least a god, a frozen WWII hero, and a guy with a lot of money making a fancy suit of armor.
Cool. But it would be better if he talked something about The Avengers too.

If the Marvel movie head honcho is willing to talk about Joss' involvment, I'm surprised there's not been an official announcement.
Well I could have sworn that he stepped down to form his own company or something? I think he's still one of many producers though.
Avi Arad isn't the head of Marvel Studioes anymore.Kevin Feige is now.Avi Arad still has a hand in Marvel as a producer but he's not the boss.

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I think this is what I've been waiting for that hasn't allowed me to leave the internet alone for the past few days. Just hearing this puts me at ease a bit. I like Newsarama, but hate these "live" coverages that they do, so I avoided this, so thanks for the heads up!
To actually see Stan Lee and Ari Ariad in person wow, next to seeing Joss, it would make my day l'm hoping Stan and Joss can make that Avengers movie happen.
Edit: apparently someone beat me to it.

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