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April 18 2010

Stan Lee comments about Joss Whedon directing The Avengers. "I think it's wonderful. The man is so talented. He's really great. He's gonna do a good job."

What? This is SHOCKING!

That's all I've got Gossi.
You do surprised well, Andy. And escape from prison!
They never check your posters mate. That one's for free.

Looking forward to the official announcement now
I'm guessing they're waiting for Iron-Man 2 to roll out a bit more so they can piggy back the publicity for both together (I would).
This is marvelous. (And, er, excelsior!)
That's funny Andy! That's the first thing I thought when I read the headline.

Has anyone, anywhere heard Stan Lee say anything negative on any topic? He's an 87 year old dynamo of positivity. The living legend has had such an impact on all our think we'd have Buffy if Stan Lee never jumped into the comics business?

In all the interviews Joss does, I wonder if anyone's asked Joss about Stans influences on pop culture and specifically on his work.
[ETA: peacemonger beat me to it >:O]

[ edited by DeezyG on 2010-04-18 17:43 ]
I should point out, I wasn't being rude to the Goss. The story's subtitle previously said 'act surprised'
Yeah, I reworded the headline and description a bit. Originally it read like Stan Lee was confirming Joss as director, but I decided that should be left to Marvel's marketing department.

By the way - Stan Lee also confirms Edgar Wright is directing Ant-Man in that interview.
Face front, true believers! Mighty Marvel is on the march!

Stan is awesome. When I was a wee lad he single-handedly got me into reading. Best thing about the Marvel movies: Stan cameos!
Who the Hell is Stanley Whedon?
He's Josh's dad, I think.
Can I just say how awesome Hero Man is? I can? Good stuff. Yeah. It's freaking awesome. It's got ideas from all different places, some '50s US alien stuff, some '70s mecha and some sleek glossy animation by Studio BONES. It feels quite Japanese, so I'm not sure how its going to be adapted for the states but I think it has the potential to become pretty huge. It legally streams, with subs, on CrunchyRoll. So, er, definitely check it out.

As for some more confirmation and Stan Lee being generally amazing: yay! Go Brigadiers!
But...But...I was waiting for the Deadpool movie. Patiently, even. They just gotta make it, they gotta! [/pipe-dreaming]

Phooey. As glad as I am that Stan is cool with Joss, it sucks to hear there's no Deadpool planned. That would've been awesome with Ryan Reynolds.
The most awesome thing is that when Stan does his Avengers cameo, he'll be part of the Whedonverse.

Nuff said.
I have this suspicion that somewhere out there, lurking in an irony-free zone, someone is reading Lee's comments as 100% literal. And then complaining about what a raging egomaniac he must be (just like Whedon and James Cameron).
Loved his Simpsons cameo.

"I did it once!"
I'm confused, I actually did buy James Cameron as a bit of an egomaniac. (I say that with no judgment.) There was one interview where he accused Disney of "pushing out" Avatar from 3D theaters since Alice in Wonderland came out some two or three months after Avatar had been #1 for however many weeks straight.

That said, I really do enjoy Stan Lee. I've never heard him say a negative word and while that sort of teeters me on either finding it insincere shilling or being very respectful and upbeat, I've just been honestly convinced that he shall outlive us all because of the alien king living inside of him that started that one cult according to 30 Rock.

Nevertheless I'm still so disappointed in myself for being in the same building as him once but, as far as I know, never being in the same room.
orangewaxilon - Eh, maybe about Cameron, but I'm thinking about the people who thought that he really meant "I'm king of the world", rather than understand that he was trying to relate the emotions behind that statement.
I was at the Fantastic Four panel at ComicCon in 2001. I mentioned that I collected Superman and Fantastic Four. Stan Lee said "Jeph Loeb must love you," and Jeph said, "She's my sister."

And that's my Stan Lee story. :)
Did everyone notice Stan Lee in the Dr. Pepper Iron Man 2 commercial?
The most awesome thing is that when Stan does his Avengers cameo, he'll be part of the Whedonverse.

Nuff said.

Not... really. Unless you consider Rosanne or Alien Resurrection as part of it too.

And, Stan Lee is the nicest guy ever. He wouldn't say a bad word about anyone or anything. If you get what I mean. I'm saying that even if Whedon wasn't talented Stan Lee would say he was.
If Stan's giving the thumbs up, it's truly golden.
If Robert Downey Jr. can be part of the Whedonverse, so can Stan. :)
Actually, the way things are shaping up lately, I think we're all going to be part of the Downeyverse soon. And, you know... that's okay. I can live in a Downeyverse. It is a universe of brave acting choices, in which charm is an infinitely renewable energy source. And ripped abs.
Disney and Marvel we'll see how that works out. l hope Stan gives Joss free reign, so we won't see another fiasco like DC Wonder Woman fiasco.
Always great to hear these guys have much mutual love for one another.

Don't get to disheartened deepgirl187. I follow a lot of comic movie news and last I heard Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were working a script and in frequent contact with Reynolds over it. Reynolds has given several interviews about it as well in which he appears and says really enthusiastic things about Deadpool but it's obvious for the moment he has his attention focused on making a successful Green Lantern franchise. Don't worry, Deadpool's time will come with RR as the merc with a mouth, I'm sure.

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