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April 19 2010

Amy Acker joins Twitter! Confirmed by her husband.

YAY! SO excited Amy is on Twitter now! I went a lil' tweet crazy as soon as I found out!
It's definitely not a sock puppet scam?
Seems legit with her husband tweeting earlier that he was trying to convince her to join. Of course, he isn't confirmed, but not really a big enough name for anyone to imitate.
I'm thinking so. Note: Sock puppet. Nifty term.
AHHH! <3333 SO HAPPY. She was the first person I looked for on Twitter, about a year ago. Glad she finally joined!
So, is this the thread where I come in to talk about how "above" the whole "twitter thing" I am?
Twitter has now gotten a tad less overrated and sad-ifying with the presence of the Acker.
Tastes fake.
I don't think it's another "Charisma Carpenter" so I'll call it as real. Also she has really good taste in who she follows.
Alyson Hannigan also confirmed it: here.

YAY!!! Please welcome @AmyAcker to the twitter family!!!

And Neil Patrick Harris has mentioned her husband: here, so safe to say that it's really him.

Ate with David Burtka, Amy Acker and @thejimmycarp. He's amazing in Rock of Ages on Broadway. See it. Hilarious.

Now also confirmed by Neil Patrick Harris: here.

The always amazing Amy Acker (wife to über talent @thejimmycarp) has joined Twitter! Clever title: @Amyacker Feel free to follow them both!

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So already followed and sent 1st twitter message! She's an acting goddess in my opinion...(as opposed to just having played one I mean.)
Oh, Gorm, another one to add..:-).

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