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November 18 2003

(SPOILER) Angel 5.8 Episode summary by persephonemoon.

From the summaries that were going round about a month ago I was already looking forward to this episode. But to know that Lindsay's return is just over 24 hours away is brilliant, not to crazy about the whole naked thing, too much male nudity on Buffy & Angel, but at least Eve is too.
Did Joss and co. just decide to fill this episode with everything they could, Dru, the shanshu prophesy, Spike's re-corporealisation, LINDSAY!
Is this the last one before Xmas or did I read somewhere correctly that the next ones on the week before Xmas.
I have never felt "spoiled" by spoilers, but I almost wish I had skipped that very last revelation. :
True, it would have been a nice surprise. Amazed we're only finding out now, the only appearence they've managed to keep this quiet before was Faith's in the season 2 premiere.
With you on that one Haunt. This came as a huge surprise to me when I read it this morning.

Good to see Mutant Enemy can stop the leaks when they need too.
but the lindsey thing was know at least a week ago. as for who he's in bed with, this is the first I've heard.
No, it was known last week that Lindsey is appearing in episode 10. It had never leaked - via scripts or set reports - that he is also in the end of episode 8.
I stand corrected for my hasty error. You are right.

I am deeply shamed...
*hands jeebs a lollipop*

That's ok, we can't all be as deeply and thoroughly soiled, er, spoiled as I am. :-)
good times ahead!!!
can't wait for the ep! :D

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