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April 19 2010

Why fan writing matters - a Firefly web comic. As seen on ComicsAlliance.

'mazing! Shun-Sheng Duh Gao-Wahn!

And 'Duck Amuck' is one of my all time favourite Looney Tunes sketches!
I sorta thought the last panel needed a red button, if they were going to put all that other stuff in. Just sayin.'
adamsbaldwin You neglected to Impale This One! | RT @DarkHorseComics "Can't stop the Serenity!..." -

That was great!

binderwalt, that was VERY disturbing.

[ edited by Giles_314 on 2010-04-19 23:36 ]
That's wrong on soooo many levels.

..."drink holder!"

I love that Mal is apparently in the market to smuggle some lawn flamingos now. =)
That is amazing.
So wrong...
Book's hair didn't look like that when he died at all.

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