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April 19 2010

Samuel L. Jackson talks The Avengers and Joss Whedon. He says he is looking forward to working with Joss. And over at Samuel says the movie starts rolling in February.

I'm a comic book geek so I'm loving this.
I might be making some calls in the lead-up to February >_>
He, I was bemused by the idea that Sam Jackson was answering the 3D question in [one-eyed] character. "Things get blurry when you take the glasses off." (I still can't figure out if he meant that as an endorsement or something?)

Anyway, I'm surprised/intrigued by the idea that Jackson thinks he's still going to have a major actiony role in Avengers probably, since I'm used to the character mostly being badass because of neat toys/special effects which never seemed particularly active. However, if they didn't let him in on the details of whether or not he appears in Thor then I wonder how much of a notion they have for the Avengers flick.

Another point, if they're still taking awhile for Captain America to start up, that seems like it'd be pretty stressful for any overlapping staff to then be fully prepped for Avengers too not that long afterward. Granted I guess that's probably just Chris Evans.
too much awesome :D
orangewaxlion, I imagine Jackson was told the basic outline for the Avengers and made known that he's one of the main characters in the movie. Which seems to take a page out of the Ultimates comic (already adapted to a straight to DVD movie Ultimate Avengers), where Nick Fury assembles the team and is sort of the glue that keeps them together.

Interesting that there's still no official confirmation that Joss is working on Avengers, yet many working on the project seemed to have given an unofficial confirmation.
Personally, the idea of Whedon writing for Jackson has me intrigued. It's either going to be extremely excellent or extremely disappointing. The bar is simply too high on that one.

Regarding whether or not Fury would actually have a prominent role, I'm thinking he should have close to the dominant role. Every other charecter is coming in with a movie under their belt which means of all the charecter's on the screen, Fury's going to need the most explaining. Why does he need everyone else? Why would they listen to him in the first place? For it to be a good movie, this is going to have to get explained, because you can't assume everyone watching has reads the comic books.

The great thing is, Joss is great with exposition through drama which means he can probably weave it into the plot pretty seamlessly. But I think it means more Fury, not less.
First link is broken.
Updated link here:
Fixed link, thanks folks!
You fixed it wrong, gossi ;), but I managed to find the cleverly hidden link regardless :p.

Anyway, as a big movie geek, I love these A-list stars talking about working with Joss. These are going to be fun times.

I do wonder though: what happens to the Avengers if either Captain America or Thor tanks at the box-office?
I changed the link to the original source, credit where credit is due and all that.
Oh my gods, Samuel L. Jackson and Joss Whedon in the same sentence? Gonna smile all night long. *Snoopy Dance*
Bet Jeremy Renner also is looking forward to working with Joss.
This makes it all a little bit realer.
Well mostly I meant like how Nick Fury got to carry massive guns or have floaty tech shoes and generally order everyone around.

I didn't really think they'd have the ability within the story for him to actually also play any sort of big action hero when presumably that sort of stuff would be reserved for the people with powers.
I do wonder though: what happens to the Avengers if either Captain America or Thor tanks at the box-office?

I agree. These movies aren't easy to knock out of the park. Consider the case of the Hulk: the character has far greater name recognition than either Cap or Thor (and people still remember the old TV show), and he also has a built-in appeal to the kids. And Marvel has had two swings at it and they still haven't managed to generate a hit Hulk movie. And the Avengers is dependent upon not one but two brand new superhero franchises doing well. I think Cap poses the harder challenge. On the one hand its a gritty World War II adventure, but on the other hand you have a guy in a goofy costume running around the battlefeld. I'm hoping/assuming they go with the Ultimate Cap's costume (dulled colors, no flounces on the boots, no feathers on the sides of the mask) and also show him actually using a gun. I'm also hoping Chris Evans is up to the challenge because Cap is one of those superheroes where the costume can't do most of the acting. Thor is a Norse god so he gets to wear a cape or whatever and fight ridiculous foes, but the guy playing Cap has to somehow make all the ridiculousness of a superhero running around a World War II battlefield somehow feel appropriate. I think starting off with Cap on some sort of behind enemy lines assignment where he's dressed as a soldier for awhile would be helpful, then let him break into the outfit when the bullets start flying. Also, apparently the Invaders are supposed to be in it, which means we're getting the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch. Lots of weirdness onscreen for audiences used to "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers" type World War II stories to have to find a way to deal with.

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