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April 19 2010

Christina Hendricks named America's best-looking woman in Esquire. "...the fiery "Mad Men" star won the best-looking title via a poll of over 10,000 women."

And, sadly, Esquire uses photos that don't even look like her.
That was my first thought when I saw it.
Still think she is (pauses to read article) radiant. :)
Those pictures don't look like her... how? She's distinctly Christina Hendricksy. If I saw that picture without seeing her name written above it, I'd be like, "Hello, Christina Hendricks. I love you."
Also worth noting? She scored 30% of the vote, almost more than second and third placed got, *together*. Landslide!
I agree, those pics don't really look like her. I do recognize the one where she's outside of a barn (?), though.

Cute little write-up after, too.
Christina Hendricks looks voluptuous, sultry, and yes, radiant. Photos aside, I loved what she wrote in her "Letter to Men". Word, Christina, word. Especially about that steel box, chest-staring, what gets men laid, and gifts that show you care.
Sorry Christina, I disagree about tank tops. If they're good enough for Wolverine, they're good enough for men everywhere.
They did seem to leave her beauty fetchingness out of those photos, but her letter to men was well taken.
She reminds me of older actresses from the 50's and 60's. Curvy. I think while the general trend of media to show skeleton-like girls gets worse, men are still generally attracted to curvy.

And honestly, I think curvy looks better myself. Being a girl.

I agree with lots of things she says, too. The smell thing is huge for me.
Let's see.....Smell, got it.....Remembrance, ok, I'll remember....the words radiant and intoxicating go with red and Scotch....steel box? Oh, I could be in trouble later....tank tops? Oh, sorry darlin' not for simple, it's complicated, or so complicated, it's simple? I love women, especially Christina......
Christina's article to men was delightful. And I think she is perhaps the best-looking woman in America.

I'm not sure whose idea the watermelon was, though.
I cringed when I read the "has a few things she'd like to get off her chest" tagline. Seems like lazy and juvenile copywriting to me. The rest is gold, though. Beauty, brains, sense of humor, and talent aplenty - what a combination!
She makes mention of her Husband in the Article (color me slightly jealous). I wonder if this was the same guy she brought to the Back-up Bash in 2007? He was with her on a "first date", if I recall the tale correctly. It would be kind of Shiny if he turned out to be her Husband. :)
That letter she wrote was amazing. I actually knew some of that stuff 4 years ago. Now nearly 4 years into marriage, I'm glad someone reminded me of all that. I treat my wife well, but I've forgotten to use the better words. I also have been slightly conscious of my pot belly. This reminds me that my wife still loves my body. :) Christina is fetching! :)

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