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April 19 2010

Mayor Richard Wilkins and Willow together again. Harry Groener guest starring on last night's How I Met Your Mother.

Well, it's already eben established his character is datign Ted' mother.

Sigh, I'd still love to see how Ross MArtin would've played the MAyor. The only actor of the apst I'd substitute for Harry in the part.
I'm losing my grip. I just watched this and thought, "Oh, it's the Mayor!" And not once did I put together that it was the Mayor AND Willow.
I liked the new episode, but all I could think was its the Mayor and Willow.
Then they flashed back to Lily as a goth, and Dark Willow was there too.
mouse: Don't feel bad... I didn't put it together until now either, haha.
Spoiler: He's the mother!!!
I'm with Mouse. It took me a while. Alyson has really become Lily for me in that show. I don't think of her as Willow anymore when I'm watching it.
Was this last night?
Yes. Or tonight, for those in the Pacific timezone.
Alyson has really become Lily for me in that show. I don't think of her as Willow anymore when I'm watching it.

Me three. But it'd be nice to see the writers sneak in a side-reference -- say, being upset with him & calling him a 'snake in the grass' or her mentioning to him her fear of snakes -- but I missed the ep, so I'll have to catch in online
:( . . .
I could have sworn I saw him for a second in an episode in a much earlier season.
Harry was AMAZING! I laughed so hard. Looks like he may be a recurring character too :)

And count me in on not even thinking about the fact that the mayor was there with Willow. Didn't even occur to me. Both actors were so in character that I just saw them as they were. Stoner step dad and lovable Lilly.
Butler the character has been included before (I think S2 a few times, when Ted first learned of his parents divorce (the brunch episode) and I think the christmas one of that season too). Dunno if it was the same actor.
Yes, "Our" Harry appaeared in at least one S-2 episode, on camera, as Ted's mother's boyfriend.

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