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April 20 2010

Everything you need to know about Buffy Season 1 in 5 minutes. A script courtesy of the Reduced SFX Company.

LOL! That was cute and funny.
Well, it's pretty abbreviated, but I guess it works in a pinch. Loved the picture!
Very funny!
Ooh, that was a fun read.
Nowhere near as funny as it think it is.

Well the teaser is pretty good.

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Well, I thought it was quite alright. Some good-natured digs at the show and a fun read. Makes me miss those early Buffy days all over again :).
Amusing, but highly reminiscent of Attention Deficit Theater's treatment of Mad Men.

Huh, I did not find that funny at all. And Buffy was a four act show, not six!

But I loved the picture.
I dunno about the synopsis. The show is always described as schoolgirl killing vampires, which also provides a reason for someone to dismiss the show (without watching it, of course).

I've always viewed it as a girl who is spoiled (popular crowd, only child until S5) and lived down to the minimal expectation of others (she is very smart, but didn't use it at school). Suddenly given massive responsibility, along with adults/friends who tell her she can be so much more. The story is about how she deals with that burden, and how she grows stronger as a person due to it.

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