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April 20 2010

Poll: Will David Boreanaz be remembered as Angel or Booth? So far the poll results are somewhat surprising.

Long after 'Bones' is off the air and David Boreanaz has retired from the acting scene, will he be more widely remembered for his role on 'Angel' as Angel, or on 'Bones' as Seely Booth?

Personally, I'll always remember him for Angel. But because the former was such a niche show, I think it's more likely he'll be remembered for Bones. It reaches a much wider audience than Angel (sadly) ever did.
I think he'll be remembered for both. Booth is a really great character. Whatever show he's on, David Boreanaz carries a lead role well.
I think it'll be both. He's both Angel and Booth.
I think the shows carry different audiences, as deepgirl187 said. However, I think that, despite its faults, Angel (because of its part in the Buffyverse) will be a more remembered series than Bones. Yes, Bones is more memorable for now, but you have to remember the cult following of shows like Angel. But, while Bones has a viewership far beyond Angel, it's not a widely discussed show that's at the forefront of popular culture. Shows that tend to operate in the background are rarely at the forefront of people's minds 15 years after they conclude.
I'll always see him as Adam Carr. Mainly because Valentine is forever burned into my brain.
I think both, but more for Angel because that was his breakout role. Sarah won an Emmy for her work on All My Children, but when an article is written about her, Buffy is always the main character mentioned. I think for every actor, it's their breakout role that is always mentioned, and therefore what they are always remembered for.
I think it'll be the one I care about most.
Looking back decades in the TV-verse, you can see Fame, Starsky & Hutch, McGuvyer as shows that are occasionally mentioned but mostly forgotten. Then you have The Twilight Zone and Star Trek - show's that will always be remembered. Sci-fi fans are not only more obsessive, but their shows tend to become franchises as well, and with that, you get even more chance of remembering them. (Very subjective, though, depending on where on the 'net you might lurk).

The first response on the site mentioned William Shatner and that's such an apt comparison. The cult will always be remembered.
What a hard decision to make. I am a fan of both characters, but if I had to choose I would have to go with Angel/Angelus. That character grew into something so huge and iconic, very greatful that DB was able to move onto something else and very good, love seeing him on TV every week.
However, I think that, despite its faults, Angel (because of its part in the Buffyverse) will be a more remembered series than Bones

Agree. In 50 years, I think the Buffyverse will still be mentioned when the popular entertainment of this era is talked about. It has a place in the zeitgeist.
What? Macgyver is mostly forgotten? Hardly. It's become a verb!
Kelly Bundy's boyfriend anyone?

Definitely he will be remembered as Angel
I think he’ll be remembered as a working actor, which is no mean feat.
I think he'll be remembered as Angel. Whilst Bones recieves a huge audience, Angel was the role that launched his career and it's also an iconic show and part of the Buffyverse. I also think that David had an opportunity to really show his range of acting skills as Angel: we got dark and broody, psychotically evil, slightly dorky, loving friend/boyfriend, grieving father, Mr-cool-dark-Batman-action-hero etc...
Whilst I love Bones (though I must admit my patience is wavering and the Season 4 and 5 writing has really irritated me at times), I don't think they've given Booth a wide range, whereas Angel was such a multi-faceted character.

That said, I do adore him as Booth too - the socks and belt-buckle to me, are iconic!

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MacGyver is a bad example. Richard Dean Anderson will always be Macgyver to me. He can stargate til he dies, nothing will change it.
I apologise the the MacGyver one then. I never even realised it was a real show until a few years ago, thought it was some fictitious show that Patty and Selma watched. :P
I think he'll be remembered for Angel, as well. He was Angel in two series (8 years), and he was the titular character in the second. He is a shared lead in Bones, and, as much as I enjoy the show, it's snack food. Good snack food, but still snack food--at least for me.
For me it will always be Angel. I'm afraid I'm one of those who really don't think much of Bones as a show, as I find the whole thing as dull as ditch water.

I can only bare to have it on in the background, so that I look up when I hear DB's voice, and go "Oh look, it's Angel!" *g*
I'm going to go with Angel even though I adore Booth. It's just such a cult classic and it has that crazy fandom following. We love our Whedon. I mean we are on a site called Whedonesque after all. Even though more people watch Bones, the connection to fans (although it's there) is not at the level of the Buffyverse (Angel and Buffy). But I love Booth. I get all giddy with their cute banter and DB just keeps getting prettier :)
For me it will always be Angel. I'm afraid I'm one of those who really don't think much of Bones as a show, as I find the whole thing as dull as ditch water.

I tried getting into Bones. I liked the chemistry and the banter between Booth and Bones and the supporting characters were watchable, but I was always dozing off during the techno-talk scenes where they actually do all their crime-solving. This femur is charred by such and such a type of acid. How riveting! Snooze.
Actually, the results do surprise me since I think the average American viewer does not have cultural memory and will recall only what is on recently. It is heartening to see Angel kick ass here, though it may be skewed since we are a bit more FANatic than Bones fans are, I think.

A more interesting question to me is: what will Alyson Hannigan be best remembered for: Willow, Michelle Flaherty or Lily Aldrin?
Dana: Alyson Hannigan, despite the epic gloriousness that is HIMYM, will always be Willow and "That Band Camp Chick from American Pie." Just as Neil Patrick Harris will always pretty much be Doogie Howser. It's all about the break-through role.
Alyson Hannigan will be remembered as Alyson Hannigan, I think. She's reached the level where she won't be remembered for any one thing.
I vote Willow, of course, but I'm a bit biased...

ETA: dispatch, I take your point, but I think I disagree. Aly has lived a smart life, has remained out of the tabloid fare, is unpretentious and simply acts up a storm. For that reason, I am not sure people will recall her as her as much as they will the roles she plays. Lily is a popular character right now, but Michelle Flaherty stole the screen every time she was on it through 3 iterations of AP, and Willow is simply unforgettable and in my mind the finest creation ever put on a TV show. But I am biased...

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In my view, David will always be remembered as Angel, no surprise at all. Booth is an appealing character, but David fully invested the character of Angel. While watching Bones I always am aware that this is David playing Booth. When I watched Buffy or Angel, it was Angel or Angelus I was seeing. That kind of performance is impossible to forget.
Kelly Bundy's boyfriend anyone?

Me! Aww I have such fond memories of Al beating him up in the movie theater.

That said, yeah he's still Angel. Although to be fair that might have something to do with me not really watching more than a couple Bones episodes.
I did wonder why Buffy was doing that stuff with Agent Booth in issue #34.
Yes!!! Kelly Bundy's boyfriend!
Since I don't watch Bones, David will always be remembered as Angel to me.
I'm with Sunfire, I think he will be recognized as both. He's amazing as both, and I never have trouble separating the 2. Maybe he'll be slightly more recognized as Angel because he will always be mentioned in all those random vampire polls and lists.

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Maybe he'll be remembered best for his next role.
When I first started watching Bones, it was hard for me not to see him as Angel (especially with the whole "I've killed a lot of people and now I'm trying to atone for it by saving lives to balance the scales" thing). But now, I really see him as Booth being completely separate from him as Angel, and I think it shows some major acting chops to be able to break away from such a strong character and make another equally strong one.
You know what would solve this problem? Booth and Angel making out!

It won't? Damn.

Bones is a great show, the interplay is fantastic and the cases are generally pretty interesting, but it's all about the characters for me. Depending on how long the show goes for it's very conceivable that Booth could stick in the publics mind more.

I ca't believe I actually read that entire absolutely awful artcile.

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Just yesterday I saw David on and said "hey there's Angel, must be Bones." And Aly will always be Willow for me too (though I love How I met Your Mother.)

Bones couldn't keep my attention very long, but maybe I'll try the episodes with Stephen Fry sometime.

Don't think I've seen one complete episode of... what was the show's name, again?
That article featured one of my pet peeves -- polls with terrible options. The poll is asking what David will best be remembered for, but the options read as if it asked which of his two major characters the reader prefers. Those are two vastly different questions to me.
He might be remembered as an actor's director. The 100th episode of Bones had a lot of surprising, potentially iffy emotional moments, but he handled them deftly and truly.

(And Angelus is classic.)
I like this argument.
Doogie Houser

But that just shows my age. Didn't even know about the Kelly Bundy thing. Awesome.
I was in a DVD shop the other day and two 15year olds walked past the buffy section and said "HEY, theres that guy from Bones, wow, Whats Angel." oh how i wished i could have shaken them both.
Six years after Bones ended, its fans will have moved on to the next show and rarely talk about it.
Six years after Angel ended, we are still there and talk about it. That's because AtS got stronger and stronger over the years and died to early. Bones on the other hand has been growing weaker over the last two seasons and when it finally ends, it will be well time to go.
So, no question - DB will be most remembered as Angel, since we will still care when that question is asked.
@treenie oh, too bad, you probably should have hit them over the head with an Angel box set :-)
As fans, I think we tend to overrate the role of Buffy and Angel in pop culture. The fact is, very few people comparatively have seen them. While Buffy and Angel have strong cult followings, they are *cult* followings. Buffy and Angel aren't at the forefront of pop culture. They are pivotal shows in a sense, but I think the reach of Bones is greater. More people will remember him as Booth, because more people have seen Bones and not seen Angel. For those of us who have seen *both* shows, though, I think Angel sticks out more. So it depends on who you're talking to.

Alyson Hannigan, however, will always be remembered most for her line in American Pie ;)
While not wishing to in any way compare David Boreanaz to him in performance style, William Shatner won several Emmys for playing Denny Crane, first on "The Practice" and the on "Boston Legal." However -- and I think the universe is with me on this one -- the first thought that pops into most people's minds on seeing Shatner is, "Captain Kirk!"
That is because Star Trek entered the public consciousness. Angel has not.
Isn't this a rather premature question? David's career isn't over yet. He may yet have a role that eclipses both Angel and Booth.

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