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April 20 2010

Charisma Carpenter gets new promotional gig. She joins the Butterfinger Defense League. She appears in Sir-Mix-Alot's "Baby Got Back/I Like Big Butterfingers" music video.

FYI I saw CC here in NYC today to talk about this. She looks GREAT! She is very excited about her "Psychosis" thriller coming out at Halloweentime.

My story: Charisma Carpenter Remakes a Bootylicious Music Video
The three of them are going to be at SD Comic Con too. It's really rather silly, but it sounds like she is having fun. Would love to see her on another TV series.
I saw this video this morning courtesy of MattMtvg's site. CC looks extremely gorgeous, as always. She's having fun and that's all that matters :D Harmalicious, I would love to see her on another series, too! I'm crossing my fingers!
Well, at least Cordy finally got that National.
Charisma in a cheerleader outfit?
(jaw. . .dropping. . .to. . .floor)
Well that was weird.

I just dont know how to feel about that. It didn't make me want to buy a candybar, thats for sure. As the video played I started to feel sorry for Charisma and Lou. I'm sure that's not what they were going for.

Thirty nine years old and they're still dressing her in cheerleader outfits? And Eric Estrada enthusiastically licking that extra large butterfinger? Weird.
Eric Estrada enthusiastically licking that extra large butterfinger? Weird.

Yes, when that happened I started fervently muttering to myself, "Please baby jebus don't have Charisma doing that, please baby jebus..."

So ... thank goodness for small mercies.
I am all for Charisma getting work, but that video was disturbing to me. Just... I don't have words for it. But, wrong, on every level.
Yeah, that video sullies the good name of the original "I Like Big Butts" song.
Well that was as terrible as I thought it would be. Still love you CC!
lol @will.bueche

Great story @MattMtvg

Here's an interview she did today with The New York Post. Apparently even she wasn't ecstatic about having to wear another cheer leading outfit. Also she gets a lifetime supply of Butterfingers!

edited: because, well, see below. (sorry about that ha ha)

[ edited by vr5cran on 2010-04-20 23:43 ]
That interview is from the New York Post, a very ... erm ... different publication than the New Yorker.
This might be the 1,000th time Mix-Alot has reworked this song. Peta should be on him for beating a dead horse for 20 years.

The cheerleader outfit was a bit awkward but it could have been a whole lot worse.
Oh man, she auditioned for Modern Family? One of my current favorite shows -- it's fantastic. She would have been great in Julie Bowen's role.
That was the saddest thing I've ever seen.
If I can pull off a cheer leader uniform when I'm her age, I want a fun ridiculous vid to show off in. That might be because I can't pull one off now. And don't have to think about my career as a serious actor. Whatever, I laughed, and hopefully that was the point. A new promo vid with Sassy is coming soon, where she apparently trains her puppies. You can read about it on the same page.
Well, if it pays the bills.

Acting is a hard career to stay with, because there are so few opportunities compared to other professions. Charisma Carpenter is very talented. I think she deserves a lot better than advertising candy bars, but then I'm not a Hollywood mogul.
I think it's official: this lady does not age.
It made me laugh too. I think it's awesome that the three of them are not taking themselves seriously, and can still have fun and do a silly campaign for butterfingers. Would it be awesome for Charisma to be a regular on a television show? Yeah. But this isn't the end of the world. It's fun.
ALl I can say is....Fergie who?
Am also glad she'll be at Comic-Con San Diego is her home base anyway. Can't wait!
For Actors, Commercials pay the bills. Charisma is great. Glad she got a paying gig.
I got a press release about this really early this morning when I was still half asleep and was not sure it was real.
I might be in the minority, but I thought it was fun. They looked like they weren't taking themselves too seriously, and sassy cheerleader gave me warm Cordelia memories from early Buffy days.
No matter what setting she is in, Charisma Carpenter owns it.

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Here's a nice big interview about it and other things, she talks about Angel and gets asked about wanting to be in The Avengers, etc.

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