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April 21 2010

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon's Glee episode 'Dream On' to air on May 18th. Spoiler tagged because of Fox's episode description.

Sorry Joss, but Lost is my priority that night.
I don't see any possible way this episode will be anything short of awesome... especially with NPH in the mix.
Question for anyone: Is Glee a standalone type show? If I watched just this ep, will I have any clue whats going on?
I think you'll certainly miss some of the more subtle nuances between the characters and their relationships, but it won't be as confusing as say, jumping right in the middle of a season of 24. You should be fine. Of course, that may change if something dramatic happens in any of the episodes leading up to 'Dream On.'
It's not a standalone show, but the plot isn't all that complex; it's got typical teen drama storylines. You could catch-up on Wikipedia or Television Without Pity ahead of time if you're worried about not being able to follow the plot, but you probably won't need to.
Sorry Joss, but Lost is my priority that night.

Yeah, I'll have to catch this episode online somewhere. I don't watch the show--although I want to see Joss's/NPH's episode. But there's no way I'm going to miss Lost the episode before the finale on the 23rd.
I'll love the Joss/NPH episode but I think Glee peaked in the first 13 and jumped the shark with the Madonna stuff.
It's probably more confusing if you have seen all the episodes (or just read some recaps) since the plot resets itself a lot. I wouldn't read up beforehand, maybe just watch the previous episode on Hulu or FOX's site.
Thanks everyone for your answers!

maybe just watch the previous episode on Hulu or FOX's site.

Huh, I'm not sure about FOX's site, but in my country we're apparently not good enough for Hulu, and I'm not computer literate enough to bypass their territorial blockade. I don't think they've realize the internet is a global thing.
[please don't advertise where shows can be illegally obtained ]

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Shhh. I'm not sure we're meant to talk about that. ;)

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fraac, glad I'm not alone with my dislike of the Madonna episode. The music was good, but oh god was the rest of the episode bad. It was like watching a highlights reel of everything that was wrong with the worst episodes of Popular.
You guys are definitely not alone. The show has big writing and plotting issues. And I'd be ready to jump ship if it wasn't for the good musical numbers, even if they are really contrived.
I have to agree. The Madonna episode rushed story lines just so they could fit the songs in the way they wanted. It seemed like the only reason the virginity issue arose was because Madonna had written Like a Virgin. However, I'll continue to watch, I enjoy the musical numbers and I definitely can't wait for the Joss directed episode.
Sounds worrying. Watching at UK pace and we just had the first episode back. Found it to be a really funny episode with some great one liners (particularly from Brittney "sometimes I forget my middle name",) but the story seemed completely set up to destroy the happy endings of the previous episode. It didn't seem very natural and there was literally no time with them enjoying the positions that they ended up in after Sectionals.

I also got a bit excited when I read in the TV paper that next weeks episode "is the one you've been waiting for," expecting it to be the Joss and NPH episode. It was actually the Madonna episode. I was already suspecting that it would be a bit of disappointment; an episode built around the songs rather than the songs serving to further the plot.
I'm okay with the messy plot and relationships. You can't think of Glee as a drama, its a comedy. It's messy in the same way HIMYM or 30 Rock is. Reality is warped just the sake of a one-liner or musical number. A laugh from the audience is all it wants. It's crazy self-aware so I think to actually enjoy Glee for what it is, you need change your Brain Setting™ from "The Wire" to "Glee" - by doing that, your brain should stop focusing on the multiple characters, the several storylines and the previous episodes enough to be able to enjoy the spectacle and laugh at Brittany.

(Also watching at UK Pace. I've adjusted my expectations for next week accordingly.)
What Jaymii said. Glee is not Lost or The Wire. It really isn't. The show is all there for the songs, the silly, and the snark. Glee is kool-aid not a fine wine. Enjoy it accordingly.
I agree with a lot of the sentiment here about this latest Madonna episode. I hope they don't continue to go down this path of 'theme' episodes. I feel it would have been paced much better if they took out 'Express Yourself' and definitely 'Vogue,' which already aired last week. I think Borderline was a good example of them using the music to advance the plot in a much more meaningful and effective way.
I don't think I COULD be more excited about this. Per this excitement:

Fellow Whedonites, please RT this message to NPH for me! Its for a fun school project and I want to see what happens :)

like most everyone has already said, the main reason to watch Glee is for the musical numbers... and Jane Lynch. she had some of her best one liners of the season last night! she is a great comedic actor, and i'm so looking forward to seeing what Joss will do with her. if you're looking for an airtight plot, though, and any kind of meaningful character development, Glee is not that show.

and i really hope that the title doesn't mean we'll have to endure the Aerosmith song of the same name... i'm keeping my fingers crossed for Robyn's 'Dream On'.

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I'm afraid I never got the Glee love, so won't be watching, not even for Joss. I'm not a fan of the snarky mean school of humour or huge production numbers (and I'm probably showing my age when I say that I find most of the musical numbers over sexualised, considering they're supposed to be high school students).

For a TV show that showcases great music, I'll watch Treme, but I'm not sure how Joss would fit in there!
It's definitely a love it or hate it show. Half of the time I'm saying to myself, "I can't believe I'm watching this," followed by, "I can't believe I'm loving this so much".

Forget about realism-- some of the plots are nearly Shakespearean. If you're not into it than it'll just seem absurd. But if you are, you will squee over Glee.
"I find most of the musical numbers over sexualised, considering they're supposed to be high school students."

Well, there is one musical number where the kids decide to make it intentionally overly sexualised, to create support for the Glee club, to which Sue says "I haven't seen anything so offence since the pre-school production of Hair."

The musical numbers are nowhere near as sexualised as the music videos targeted at kids there age (and younger), so I don't really think that issue lies with the show - although it isn't something I had really picked up on myself, unless highlighted by show like the sequence I mentioned. I also wouldn't say the programme was at all mean or snarky in its overall tone, even if it may seem that way from out of context clips. Sue is the only really mean character in the programme.

@Dispatch - had similar thoughts myself whilst watching it. It is certainly a programme I wouldn't announce to world I watch, through fear of breaking my manliness. I know many people said that they had a hard time explain to people why they loved Buffy, but I think it is much more true with this show.

And for those that haven't seen them yet, some Glee flashmobs:

London - Trafalgar Square

I personally prefer the second one. Much smaller scale, but has a sense of spontaneity and I like the way it builds, even if no one around them seems to have a clue what is going on and tries to pretend nothing is happening. The A cappella is much cooler too. The first is quite a spectacle though. Loads of others from all around the world on YouTube.
Totally, annoying true Sunfire.

Some sitcoms sort of have continuity though! I'd even consider 30 Rock since they're all about the obscure callbacks (or futurebacks? Whatever you call the opposite of that. "I'll see you in May for sweeps! That's what we call spring cleaning in England!")

I sort of forgot the Madonna episode already aired... Anyway though, in terms of gimmicky stuff I had no idea Molly Shannon was going to be in the Whedon episode! While she got a bit annoying to me when her characters got a bit too over the top on SNL, I was so hopeful her Pushing Daisies character would have come back!
Oh, plot holes galore, iffy writing, and not a ton of character development. Do I care? Nope. Love it for what it is...pure fun.

I'm so, so, so excited about Joss's episode. Thank god for Tivo. I can record Glee and Lost at the same time, win!

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