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November 18 2003

(SPOILER) 'Destiny' star interview at Zap2it. "This is a particularly fun episode".

Dru!! Yay!! Should see it by Friday. You lucky sods who get to see it tomorrow night, so jealous of youse.

*Rubs hands together* - tomorrow night will be good.

I would love for Dru to return for good and hook up with Spike again and be the MoG's nemeseseses.

*they are the magic* ...
While I wish she'd be back for good as well, I don't see how she'd present much of a challenge to the gang now that they've got all these resources. Staking a problematic vampire, even one with a bit of magic in her...? I know, I know, I wish they could find a way to make it work too.

Spike was ready to stake her back in Season 5's "Crush". I don't think she'll forgive and forget that easily...if she's even back in the present day...maybe she's only appearing in flashbacks. Aside from the Juliet Landau guest star news, I don't know a thing about this episode so I should probably stop peeking at news links and try to remain unspoiled for another 18 hours.
I couldn't help myself... the Zap2it article spoilers don't really tell you much you wouldn't have gotten from seeing the teaser
I'm fairly sure she only appears in flashbacks, kids.

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