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April 21 2010

Cultural learnings review of "Prophecy Girl". Myles McNutt finishes up season one of Buffy for the cultural catchup project.

Well, I want to watch Season One again. I just might do that. It's been too long.
Excellent piece, again. And great fun to experience BtS through (mostly) new eyes. I'm looking forward to the rest.
So I'm a little confused. Has this person not seen BtVS? Some of the references suggest she hasn't, but then she talks about not wanting to reveal spoilers... hmm.

Anyway, like what she had to say, and the comments below were a hoot. Yep, Bad Eggs is the worst ep evar.
The author is male. I believe he hasn't seen any BtVS before this, but he is obviously a T.V. nut and has heard/spoken to fans a lot about the show over the years, and naturally picked up on future plot points.

And I don't mind Bad Eggs. The storyline is pretty wonky but there were some good laughs as well. Think I'm gonna go watch it agian... :)
I actually love 'Bad Eggs'. Not that it's that great, perse, but it's vintage early-Buffy and has a lot to enjoy as well. There's some good laughs and a few good character moments. I loved it to bits when I first watched it, and still do. It's just so much fun :).

Same thing doesn't go for most of 'Go Fish' though (although even that one has a few high points to recommend it), which I used to feel was the worst episode of the show, until 'Beer Bad' came along ;).
Hah. I like all three of those "bad" episodes. At least they're *diverting*. Cannot stand "Killed by Death" - dreariness abounds. Or several of the mid-season 7 yawnfests.
I love Beer Bad.
*Gasp* You can't stand "Killed by Death"?! I really like that episode. The monster in it was one of the scariest in Buffy, probably until the Gentlemen (although, watching it back, the weird eye things do look kind of lame.)

In fact, I generally like the episodes most people hate of Buffy. "Bad Eggs" and "Beer Bad" are ones I could miss out on, but I certainly don't loath them and wouldn't say no to watching them (as Kaan said, "Bad Eggs" has a fair few good laughs in and I would describe the plot as a little corny rather than bad - same for "Beer Bad".) "Go Fish" is a pretty good stand alone episode that has some great Xander moments ("three times a fish guy.")

I even thought that the most hated episode of them all, "Where the Wild Things Are" was a really funny episode, even if it did have the ickyness of Buffy and Riley getting it on throughout the whole thing.

Maybe I am just a blind fanboy, but I can't really name any episode of Buffy I really dislike. Maybe on first viewing there were a few I have found to be a little tedious, but when watching back I've always enjoyed elements of each of the episodes. This is particularly true with season 7, which I found to be very sluggish on my first watch, but brilliant when watching it on DVD - although I still wasn't fussed on the down beat speeches from Buffy and her getting kicked out of the group briefly.
I like "Bad Eggs", but I sort of love "Go Fish" in that campy way. And any storyline that brings more of the Xander/Cordelia dynamic is aces in my book. I think it has a lot more to do with the placement of "Go Fish" than anything to do with the episode itself that gains it such hatred. But it balances all the dark. (I also really like "Inca Mummy Girl".)

And Willow and Parker together mitigate the dumbness of "Beer Bad". "Killed by Death"'s villain is so very distractingly Freddy-Kreuger-esque and the shoe-horned Buffy backstory is annoying, but the showdown between Xander and Angel makes up for it.

Ignoring seasons 5-7 (which have so many episodes I've actively excised from my memory), I'm going to have to go with "Where the Wild Things Are". Besides the Riley/Buffy sex, it also feels like crappy rehash from "Fear, Itself" (which itself was already a pleasant rehash of "Nightmares") and "IOHEFY".

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"Bad Eggs" and "Reptile Boy" are the only ep.s I skipped in my recent rewatch of the whole series. Onyl because I wasn't in the mood for either when I was in the S-2 phase.

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