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April 22 2010

Tom Lenk's latest film project debuts at film festival. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend stars Alyssa Milano as 'Jesse Young' and features Tom Lenk as 'David Young'. The movie premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 24, 2010.

This film also stars Christopher Gorham as 'Ethan Reed', one of Jesse's love interests. We all know Gorham as 'James Stanley' in the BtVS S2E19 episode, I Only Have Eyes for You. Heather Stephens who plays 'Shari' in the AtS S1E13 episode, She, is also in this film in the role of 'Sarah'.

The website for the film.

Oooh, Carol Kane is in it.

I see Suck is also playing. I missed it at the Toronto festival, but I hear it's a good vampire movie.

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