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April 22 2010

(SPOILER) A review of Drones - "one indie movie you really need to see". Fandomania praises Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new movie and says Jonathan M. Woodward's performance is "reminiscent of vintage Bill Murray".

I was going to see this at the London Sci-fi Film Festival on 3rd May but I won't be able to get there now, bummer. Maybe it will get picked up by Picturehouse cinemas in the UK so I can see it on the big screen.
I would love to see this on big screens as well; I never get to go out to the film festivals. :(
I saw it in Orlando a few weeks ago. It was a sold out performance and the crowd seemed to like it. I know I did. All the main cast gave good comedy performances.
Amber tweeted today that Drones is playing the Newport Beach and Boston Independent film festivals on Saturday. I think I should enjoy attending one or the other, depending which coast I happen to wake up on that day.
When it goes to DVD, I am so gonna buy it.
This movie sounds great. Sign me up for a viewing. Comic-Con, perhaps?
I saw it at the Boston IFF. I liked it, and would enjoy having the dvd so I could watch it again. Amber answered a few questions afterwards, which was being filmed, so that might be available somewhere.
Samm Levine (Inglourious Basterds; Freaks and Geeks) attended the Newport Beach Film Festival showing (while Amber and Adam attended the one in Boston.) He made a joke about the movie being funnier to smarter people, kind of like that Rip Torn character's food reference in Defending your Life - unless you are using all of your brain it tastes like horse $#!^. It got a few laughs, but I think the movie is very accessible to a wide audience (but maybe that's just my little brain talking.)

Samm also answered a few questions regarding production, including how quickly the project came together. It starting with a phone call offering the availability of a Baton Rouge office building for a short window, a week for the writers to come up with a script, and another week of filming. As I said, I enjoyed the film, but was especially impressed given what they pulled off within that timeframe and other constraints (budget, etc.)

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