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April 22 2010

Summer Glau: From Blushing Bride to Cape Crusader. She speaks to Fancast about her past and present projects.

Can't wait for The Cape to get released on television! Summer Glau is sooo perfect!
Yes, anything that features Summer, I have to check it out :) (Even if I dont stick to it... (The Unit))
Summer Glau is made of gold.
We should know in less than a month whether The Cape will be on NBC or not. It's just a pilot right now, Metamorphosis.
Nice Interview, and I hope we get to see The Cape someday soon. It's also really nice that they included a link so folks can watch the Pilot Episode of Firefly. Shiny indeed!
Nice interview but it's a shame (imo) that she seems to have forgotten that her first job was on Angel.
First job as a straight actor. Remember - she was playing a ballet dancer (which, at the time, she really was.)

ETA: It should be very interesting to see how her performance in Deadly Honeymoon plays out in the context of the Lifetime Movie of the Week trope.

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NBC upfront is May 18 so you'll know then.
Thanks for linking to TV Tropes Brinderwalt. I wasn't planning on doing any work for the next three hours anyway....

And my favourite Lifetime movie is For The Love Of God Stop Beating My Children To Death With Giant Hammers!"
Sorry zz9 - I forgot to include the usual disclaimer.
It's such a great site. I can spend hours there, and look it's half past three in the morning and I'm still there!
First job as a straight actor. Remember - she was playing a ballet dancer (which, at the time, she really was.)

True. But Joss 'discovered' her for Angel and it's fair to say I think that she might not have been cast in Firefly if he hadn't found her for Angel. But maybe my opinion is colored because when I met her at a Con she was very dismissive of her role on Angel.
It was a single episode bit-part as a character not even important enough to garner a real name; it may've been instrumental in leading to other things, but the job itself was a total throwaway (and full credit to her for doing such a good job at it that it seemed like anything more.)
Seems a bit harsh to say that the role was 'throwaway'. It was a central part of an innovative episode of a sucessful TV show that brought her to the attention of an influential producer. Just seems to me that it should be acknowledged at least a little bit once in a while.
I dunno how truly "innovative" Waiting in the Wings was, resa. I mean, quite a few of the plot ideas were recycled from other episodes of Buffy and Angel...don't get me wrong though, it was a top tier episode and it introduced us to Summer. But I can sorta understand any possible dismissiveness or humble pie about its impact.

Really, how many actors who are A-list these days wax poetically on their first job as an extra or glorified cameo where they threw out a line or two to a major character? I highly doubt Summer thinks her experience on Angel was awful or something she would rather not remember, but she would have been on set for something like a day, two on the outside. Definitely got to know Joss and meet the main cast...but I would assume she holds more significance with being River, since she got to be part of the gestalt from Word One.
It's quite possible Summer's scenes in Angel were shot by a second unit and that she wouldn't have worked with any of the main cast. I can't remember the exact scenes but there are plenty of times in TV when actors were not actually in the same room at the same time when they shot a scene that looks like they were. I just watched TSCC with commentary on Blu Ray where Lena says she and Richard Jones never actually met when they filmed their characters "meeting" in the show, where she rescued him from a burning building.

I don't get the vibe that she is "dissing" her appearance on Angel but I can certainly get that she considers Firefly her first "job" acting.
I never expected her to 'wax poetically' ... just acknowledge the fact that she was indeed on Angel. Maybe a throwaway line about meeting Joss there. I know most of her scenes were of her dancing ... but she did have a few with David. Absolutely her major break came on Firefly ... I just wish she'd at least acknowledge Angel. But ... it's not really important ... just something I would like to see.

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