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April 22 2010

Syfy original movie, Mothman, starring Jewel Staite premieres this Saturday April 24th. Be sure to tune in!

Love ya, Jewel, but the clip did NOTHING for me.
I just don't understand. That Channel makes such fantastic serial television and such CRAPPY movies! I mean, obviously they're only spending $16 per movie, but that could buy someone a nice meal at Chili's or something!
I don't understand... What was that?
Maybe it's because they spend all their money luring all those awesome Whedonverse actors to appear so they don't have much left for...anything else?
I dunno, it's almost so bad that it's kind of fun.
I think that's actually the point. I mean, the internet is still in the afterglow of Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.

But I do wish they'd mix it up. You know, a good science fiction movie to go along with your creature feature wouldn't kill anyone. You could probably do something along the lines of Minority Report without having a huge budget (the story, not the whole production).
A Jewel Syfy movie on Saturday and a Summer Lifetime movie on Sunday. Well...I guess that's something.
Mega Piranha was also epic.
Nothing beats the scene in Dinoshark when the "shark" flies out of the water and grabs the railing of the hovering helicopter and pulls it into the water.
I've never watched any of these films, but I do like the idea of B-Movies being made with the full intent of being "B". SyFy seems to have zero luck with producing critically acclaimed miniseries or TV-films (Riverworld, Alice) so I suppose its much easier for them to have fun making "bad" movies, then people can't complain - cause its meant to be that way.
That's the worst thing I've ever seen
They've turned what is, regardless of whether something truly exists out there or not, a still-reported ever-perplexing and unnerving phenomena in titular Mothman into a D-grade slasher. Sad.

For those who have not yet seen it and are interested, check out 2002s "The Mothman Prophecies" (preferably the two-disc edition featuring the very good FX-aired doc on the actual events and book which the movie is inspired by).
I think the people who write the movies for the SyFy Channel spend way too much time indoors. They need to go out side and enjoy nature.
I'm watching Jewel's Syfy movie as I write, and it is very entertaining... and she is always very convincing (who doesn't love Jewel?!?!). I hope I'll get to see Summer's Lifetime movie tomorrow night!
The dude just got Wash'd!
I actually watched it last night. Oh, dear. Just wrote at Twitter that I fear for Jewel's career. I saw a little bit of Kaylee-like resolve, fortitude and backbone at the end but boy, it was a hard slog up to that point. Urban legend oatmeal watered down to thin, watery gruel that even a starving Dickens character wouldn't eat (but I did, because I love my Whedon folk. Just like I watched Nick in that fire monster SyFy movie).

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