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April 22 2010

Serenity on original 35mm film on the big screen in Jacksonville, FL Friday and Sunday. Guess what secrets they reveal on their webpage.

Got the info from Thanks Haken.

Finally, something coming to Jacksonville! And what a shiny little something it is. I'll be there with bells on.
Cool, but why is this marked spoiler?
Because I haven't seen it yet - I was hoping to watch it right before the sequel. *Sigh* I'm so disappointed now.

:) I thought someone was working on a sarcasm font?
nothing ever used to come to Florida, that's one reason I moved. Now they have this AND Orlando got the Magnetic Fields documentary before Oregon did! Should I move back? It'd make my mom happy...
I find it funny that they make sure to mention that it's on 35mm film. They must know how few prints exist now.

And given that Portland's had Serenity on 35mm every year since it was out, I don't think you have to move to Florida for that.

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stay away from florida hopitopia! not even close to a fair trade with oregon

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