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April 23 2010

Serenity Movie, Costume Contest and Whedony Drinks. Sunday, April 25 at 6:00 pm in Arcata, CA. Not sure how many people on here are close to Humboldt County.

Oh and check out the DJ following the film...always cracks me up when I hear her name.

I lived up there in the 90s, and it's a really small place. They never even heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer before season five. But proof that Browncoats thrive in the smallest of areas proves how might they are
Haha. In 2002 I used to work at a video store in Arcata (Spotlight Video) where I still live. The only TV shows my boss ever kept in the store was Buffy and Angel. She was a fan. (I remember telling her that back then TV shows made up 10% of the sales of DVDs but she insisted no one would ever rent TV shows. How things change.)

Actually, it was 2002 when I first watched the movie followed by the first season when i stayed home from work with my roommate. By the time I moved to Arcata I had been watching reruns of Buffy to catch up and was on the homecoming episode of season three, so I was stoked. And my love for Buffy just kept growing. Since then Spotlight now carries a shitload of TV shows, obviously, and by the way, the Arcata Theatre reopened last year after being closed for nearly eight years. It's awesome what they did to the place.

They have more beers on tap that any other place on the plaza. It's an amazing venue now!

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As for Humboldt's love of all things Whedon:




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Oh and sorry for all the edits. I'm obviously tired. :P
No Mudder's milk recipe? You let me down, internet.
Well if you wanted that Sunfire I believe the Serenity movie site has it! In fact, here's a pdf file for a bunch of recipes with a 'Verse theme.

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