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April 23 2010

Buffy Once More With Feeling Metal Art. It looks like those guys at Avitech Graphics are at it again.

I saw the prototype briefly at Wondercon and it looks like this is the final product.

That looks pretty nifty. Too bad the B/S picture isn't from OMWF though :\
Love the one on the right. :)
They wrote on a forum that they're working on some Bangel stuff too.

I think it's too bad about the pics used for Spike & Buffy, they should have stuck with the OMWF "theme".
I sent them an email regarding the Buffy Spike picture and apparently they were unable to find/create any images from OMWF that would've looked good enough on the metal. Oh well, I still need it hanging on my wall.
There's a bunny!

How much would it suck if you only won one or two of the auctions?
There's a "Buy It Now" option if you're afraid of losing the auctions.
They are also selling each piece individually, for the budget conscious I would imagine.
I want it. But I can't have it. Lack of money, and the fact that OMWF is both on my top ten worst and top ten best episodes list makes me think that I can pass this up, even tough it's very pretty.

But if they're doing a Spike piece I'll definitly get it (unless they somehow manage to make it ugly, but come on, it's Spike, so I'm not sure that's even possible).
Gotta say, I think the Xanya piece looks the best.

@Skytte: OMWF in top ten worst?

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