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April 24 2010

"Dr. Horrible" high school production at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Students at Guilford High in Guilford, CT were chosen to participate this summer in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world). They will be performing their version of "Dr. Horrible."

I'll check it out.
Good on 'em. I'll prod fellow locals about it.

And that link ain't workin'.

... and now it is. Huh.

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I thought this was purely a theatre festival (?). At any rate, good for them! I would love to do this festival at least once (attendee or performer).
Edinburgh during August is a whole mess of festivals (so many that they moved the film festival to earlier, and I really hope Drones comes to town). The official Festival is for highbrow music and theatre artsy stuff but by far the biggest one is the Fringe, a huge shindig of comedy and whatever else you want that somehow provides even me with a social life. It's awesome. Come.
We should do a little Whedonesque shindig during the festival!
Yep the Fringe Festival is all about people doing their own thing during August. I have been going as an attendee for years and last year entered the Fringe as a producer with a zombie musical I had written called "Chomp" which had originally been sort of inspired by Dr Horrible(kinda). I think the evil Doctor will fit in nicely up there - break a leg everyone participating this year. I will be back purely as an attendee and will try to support this show.

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The Film Festival (which hosted the world premiere of Serenity) has now moved the June to give it a bit more focus. So in August there's just the Fringe (the world's biggest arts festival), the International Festival for music and theatre which the Fringe was originally the "fringe" of, the Art Festival for visual art, the Book Festival, the Jazz Festival...

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