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April 24 2010

Vincent Kartheiser: 'I definitely do psychopathic. I don't try to, but it just sneaks out'. The Observer speaks to Vincent Kartheiser.

The actor who plays Pete Campbell in Mad Men reveals why he's quite unlike his odious character but why it's a joy to play him.

What a great interview. And my, my, our little Connor has grown up, I didn't realise he was 30. He's got such an interesting view on things and his minimalist lifestyle is commendable. Always so very modest, complex and such an intriguing character. Mad Men will definitely be next on my list of series to tune into.
I think there's something sympathetic about his character on Mad Men. Pete's not as black-and-white as he initially seems to be. Damaged goods.
Fascinating interview with a charmingly weird, eccentric and super-talented actor. I predict great things for Vincent.
maybe it's just me, but I thought the interviewer was a bit leading, guess that's what they do. I would rather have a transcript than the interviewer's comments on what he "appears" to be doing. He sounds like a great guy to me. Very self-aware.
Kartheiser said:
"...because I don't have a car, I don't really go anywhere to buy things. In fact, I have been in a slow process of selling and giving away everything I own."

It's fun to do that, selling off and giving away all your crap (dunno how far I'll go with it, still lots to get rid of and there're several bits of entertainment and reading material I might not be able to part with, but I suppose the logical way of looking at it as that all that stuff'll always be around to be bought, borrowed/checked out, and/or downloaded, so it's never really gone gone if you sell it off). Very freeing (and not just in terms of more free space). I bet he still has a computer, at least, though none was mentioned in the interview, just a TV. Doubt I could go as spartan as this guy though, toilet and sink are modern day luxuries I'm unwilling to travel backward on. Even if just for the time and annoyance it saves to have your own, but also overal practicality, sanitation, and comfort.

His interviews are always interesting, gives some of the best among Whedon cast members. Still got an appealing youthfulness, uncertainty, about him, going by his printed words at least. Some might read him as borderline pretentious or nuts, but I like the honesty and the whole daring-to-be-different thing he's got going.

Haven't gotten to Mad Men yet. My sister's seen a bunch of AMC stuff and regularly encourages me to watch, she's addicted to all their shows, but HBO, Showtime, Starz, occasionally FX (though not lately), and a few regular network TV shows keep me busy enough with more screen time than is probably healthy.

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wow he's very strange - in a good way I guess.
What a crazy, weird, guy. But I still think he's quite amazing :)

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