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April 26 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game (Act III). Doctor Octoroc's 8-bit tribute to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is now complete with all three acts.

Wow. Simply wow. As said before one of the most impressive fan efforts out there, so glad that the cast & crew are all aware of this amazing work.
Utterly brilliant. Not just for the expertly orchestrated 8bit sound or for the amazing pixellation of some of my favourite characters in years, but also for having those gorgeous little sprites say "sex" and "penis" *chortle*.
This is simply amazing. Kudos, bravo and congratulations.
I've watched the original SO many times, and yet even rendered in 8-bit, this tale and the music STILL had the ability to make me weep.

And ICU there, lovely nod to the Black in the credits! (A bit confuzzled over the 'James Marsters' credit, though.)
Doctor Octoroc added Spike to the ELE, I do believe.

Pretty amazing work. (I am not referring to the Spike insertion, but the whole project.)
Oh thanks WilliamTheB, I shall go back and rewatch with that in mind.
James Marsters DID say that he wanted to be involved in Dr Horrible, and I guess he got his wish!
Even in 8 bits, the ending kills me.
(err, no pun intended)

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Hehe, I love the way the civilians on the street ran away from him at the end. I was rather shocked when he used the Death Ray on those two guards at City Hall, though. *wince*
'James Marsters DID say that he wanted to be involved in Dr Horrible, and I guess he got his wish!'

I just met him a week ago at a convention, and at his panel I asked him if he could convince Joss to cast him and John Barrowman in a future Dr. Horrible installment (which got a massive roar of approval from the crowd). He said that it was very doable and would run it by Joss, but not before replying "Only if I can kiss him again". XD


Oh, right, 8-bit Dr. Horrible. That was fantastic, especially the original parts with Billy volunteering to help with the chairs, it's cool to see how he made it in there! Glad it's all complete now, so I Facebook status'd it.
It gets the homeless line wrong, however.
Some of the lines are adapted to replatform it.

I loved this. Especially loved the death ray subgame.
Some of the lines are adapted to replatform it.

Granted, but there's no reason to change that line, thereby deleting the joke. (Overall it's awesome, as it has been. But I quibble with needless changes that kill jokes.)
This is just amazing. Fantastic job! Kudos!
True about muffing the "homeless... ness" line, but every installment has had at least one issue to nitpick. I prefer to take this as a sign of the creator's fidelity to the ethos of crappy 8-bit games. Which is to say that a real Nintendo game also would have gotten the line wrong.
I'm willing to go with that.
Yes, about all those things. I was confused about the James Marsters thing and questioned for a bit whether I somehow missed that part entirely in the real thing. And then I came here and read he added it.

I also noticed the homelessness line being different.

Since I hadn't seen the 2nd part (was going to and then never got around to it) I also have to comment that my favorite line about pie didn't make it in there, either.
Yea -- my head exploded from the sheer insanity that comes with such an awesome(and I bet time-consuming) project -- again.

Very well done. I'm still as impressed as I was when I watched the first one!
This was very well done and I am very impressed. Loved it. Especially the ridiculous fight between Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer.

ETA: I really hope that James Marsters has a part in Dr. Horrible 2. I've been saying that he should be in it since I knew they were planning a sequel.

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"Don't worry...Captain Hammer will save us"

Still heartbreaking in only 8-bits

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Superb job by Doctor Octoroc! Loved seeing the ELE in all their evil 8-bitness.
There really should be an 8-bit The Adventures of Fake Thomas Jefferson game.
Is it just me, or does "My Eyes" introduction sound a little off?

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