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April 26 2010

The Avengers cast from the Whedonverse. The guys over at Geek6 play a little what if with the cast of the upcoming movie.

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Hmm,couldn't Chris Hemsworth already count as a Whedonverse actor since he's in Cabin In The Woods?
Meh. It is pointless to speculate, doubley so to do so on characters already cast.
Not a bad little list. Of course I'm wondering whether they could've considered James Masters or David Borenaz as Tony Stark. I could see either of them filling the role of a playboy billionaire crimefighter.

I have to admit I am a huge Black Widow comics fan and I would prefer to have seen Eliza in that role already. But then I'm thinking of an entirely different Avengers movie. One that features SMG as Ms Marvel, Eliza as Natasha Romanova the Black Widow and Amy Acker as Spiderwoman. Chuck in Summer Glau as Colleen Wing and Gina Torres as Misty Knight, and I will start camping out right now for that particular premiere. Huge Fan Boy Sigh.
SteppeMerc, Bah is the new Meh.

viewingfigures, initially I thought DB would have been a good Tony Stark but after seeing Robert Downey Jr. in IM, I don't think anyone else could do it as well.

I think he's as much Tony Stark as Marlin Brando was Don Corleone or Sarah was Ms. Summers.

I LOVE their suggestion for Fran as Banner. IMO, the most realistic of all their suggestions. He's the perfect mix of "weak" and "potentially all powerful."
I was a little thrown by their "hey let's imagine if Whedon could recast these people" thing if Hemsworth is sorta ruled out too. Granted that movie won't be coming out for another long while...

It seems a bit more fun/vaguely plausible that Whedon would take every opportunity to pack in the rest of the un-cast Marvel universe with his favorites.

Colleen Wing is supposed to be part-Asian right? Given how Glau already played River who hypothetically was Chinee-ish that'd be a little weird. Also the depictions I've seen of that character tend to go a bit more for lanky skinny so that seems vaguely more Amy Ackery. (Also I swear Summer Glau basically does have X-23 hair even if that's the wrong set of characters.)

Kranz and Lenk both would make pretty good nerdy Banners though. Or even Hulkings but I'm not exactly clear on if either of them still pass for teenagers. Heck, even Patton Oswalt might make a pretty decent Bruce Banner. (If one were to go with the Ultimate version where he's a bit sad-sack that people can't help but feel for him given how crummy his life is going, since I keep hearing good things about Big Fan.)

Also, as blonde-ish go Mark Lutz seems like he would have been a pretty decent clean-cut upstanding sort for Captain America. (In hindsight I think he's Canadian though.)
If American icons Captain Kirk and Ben Cartwright could be Canadian, why not the most iconic of icons? ;)
Wrong! Shatner is his own nation.
Honestly, I'd cast David Boreanaz as Wonder Man and Nathan Fillion as Hawkeye.

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