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April 26 2010

Charisma Carpenter on how Cordelia Chase landed her Stallone's Expendables. Entertainment Weekly interviews Charisma about her upcoming projects.

Maybe Joss should come to Broadway.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Musical on Broadway could be a big hit...
LOVE the commercial.
She's awesome.
Can't get on board for this ad campaign. It hurts. Glad CC is getting work.
I don't follow Charisma that much, but lately every interview (or video from panels with her at Cons) I see with her makes me smile. She seems to have so much energy! I can feel the energy just reading this interview. I'm happy for her getting work.

I'm not super excited about "The Expendables", but I wanna watch it for her. I remember when it was being shot here in Brazil and I wondered if she was here for that too... If I lived in Rio I'd totally go stalk her, haha.
I would be sharing the stalkers bush with you, Max. ;)

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