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April 26 2010

(SPOILER) Amy Acker discovers the dark side of Happy Town. The actress compares her character to those she's played on Angel, Alias, and Dollhouse and talks about the series' central mystery.

From the guys who also brought us October Road and the US Life on Mars? Not the best pedigree... I can see why they keep trying to compare themselves to Twin Peaks instead.

I do love Amy Acker and summer television isn't exactly competitive, but ***spoilers*** astronauts on literal Mars, and did he or did he not sleep with his sister? /rant.
Heh, so did she sort of by default spoil the possibility she isn't the killer? (Granted yes, she acknowledges they could maybe do something about it in the edit.)

Somehow it did slip my mind that so many of her roles have gone evil though. I wonder if Miggy from Catch Me If You Can was secretly based on some sort of real life serial killer or something.
Watched V on Hulu tonight and there were two ads for this in the breaks. It just sounds like someone thought enough time had passed since Twin Peaks to try a similar idea, but I will give it a try, since Ms. Acker is in it. And it could defy my low expectations! (V really hasn't.)
This sounds promising. I liked both October Road and the U.S. Life on Mars (didn't ever see the original UK show). And Twin Peaks aspirations bode well for something different.
I also enjoyed US Life On Mars. The only real problem with it was the ending that may have missed the mark.

V is good as well, not sure why the other person said it was bad. Can you elaborate, if it's allowed, what you aren't liking about it? Just curious.
The first episode of Happy Town was shown in the UK a little while ago but I don't think the series has followed. Does anyone know if/when/what channel it will be shown on in the UK? I can't remember what channel I saw it on, maybe Syfy????
Please see the UK version of Life on Mars - IMHO it's Awesome.

I can't bring myself to even consider watching the US version, because why try and re-do something when it isn't even close to broken?

I don't particularly understand the Hollywood trend to re-make movies but I'll never understand the US trend to re-make good very recent international TV series, particularly when inherent in their appeal (to me) is that they are very much 'of' the country they are originally from (In addition to Life on Mars, Kath and Kim is another example that springs to mind - how did they ever think that would work?!)
/ends rant/

Happy town on the other hand - not sure. Might check it out if it airs over here in Aus.
Indeed, Shey, if you're into crime procedurals, please see the UK Life on Mars.

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I just say that the US Life on Mars had its good points as well. Yes it was a remake but it was not as terrible as people keep insisting. It's also wrong to judge a show without even giving it a look. Check it out, watch a couple eps, and then if you don't like it, fine. But don't assume it's bad without even looking at it.

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