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April 26 2010

Gina Torres Out, Tia Carrere In At 'Warehouse 13'. It looks like, at last, she can retire and give up this life of crime.

Syfy has already confirmed that Jewel Staite and Sean Maher will make guest appearances in the upcoming second season of the cable channel's highest-rated series

It's a great show.
One complaint - they don't have subtitles (at least, not on the Australian broadcast) which makes it very hard to follow Artie's mumbling.

My wife has 5-10% hearing loss, so we watch everything with subtitles on. I think I may have some hearing loss myself, because I notice I find it harder to keep track of what's being said on shows that don't have it.
Adeptus, I can't comment on your wife but its not uncommon (for me, anyway) to not understand everything. I don't watch regularly with subtitles, no, but I think you just have to 'go with the flow' sometimes. I don't always understand what someone is saying IRL, so I just treat it the same for shows. Certain shows are developed to make it necessary to not understand every word; Bones, for example, has its characters speak a line of technobabble followed by character stuff followed by more technobabble, etc. HBO is a prime example of having their characters speak in a manner that's hard to hear, but it somewhat adds realism I think

Then again, its possible I'm also having hearing problems. :P

About Gina... I'm still very happy she gets lots of work. So much work that she has to turn down work it seems.
characters speak a line of technobabble followed by character stuff followed by more technobabble

Why I like Bones is that-- all of this actually makes sense. I tend to understand most of what is said on Bones, which is why I'm not sure it really is technobabble. Technobabble is more like Sci-fi shows whose engineers prattle on about how the engines work.
But *why* is she out? Did she leave, or did they ask her to leave?
I was so hoping this was about Gina Torres being gay.

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