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April 27 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 available for Pre-Order now! Dollhouse Season 2 available for pre-order on Amazon! No release date posted as of now. Just thought all you crazy kids wanted to know!

BTW, this was my first post. So, please don't expect much! I tried!
looks fine to me SOTV, but I'm a relative newbie myself! Adding to wish list!
It's been on Amazon for awhile now, but I don't think it was posted :)
Thanks Winchester, I didn't know it was. I looked recently & it wasn't. Just got an email from Amazon stating it was now available. Happy that I atleast didn't post something that was already posted! Thanks guys!
I just got the link emailed to me by Amazon so unless they've made a boo boo it's official. And bang-zoom straight into my shopping cart. If anyone spots the specs (commentaries etc.) please let us know!! Dying to see this, fingers crossed it's region free again!!
Yesterday it was placeholder info i.e. give your email address to find out when the DVD can be pre-ordered.
There's some nice surprises on the DVD for fans. One in particular.
I read through Twitter, from someone who works at FOX, saying that they really tried to put together a nice DVD set for us. It was in an expletive filled rant about how ungrateful Whedon fans are for being impatient with the DVD release or something, but the only part I took from it was the DVD is supposed to be really great.
"There's some nice surprises on the DVD for fans. One in particular."

You are such a tease.
And still Australia hasn't got season 1. This is just downright ridiculous.
"And still Australia hasn't got season 1"

We from the Netherlands have to make due with the UK version..
Oh well, bring on season 2 :D
"There's some nice surprises on the DVD for fans. One in particular."

We're actually going to get chapter selection this time round?
And if you want to help us out with our hosting costs, here's our affilliate link.
I want to see the artwork! They had some beautiful photos come out of their photoshoots.
No listing for the Blu-ray yet. I'll be waiting for that one.
Anyone know when the uk version will be released and if it will include the same special features?
This little crazy kid has already pressed the little button that said "pre-order"... Yay!

No listing for the Blu-ray yet. I'll be waiting for that one.

Well, what's this here then? :D
I will literally be too broke to order this for at least three months - still don't have season 1, just E1 from iTunes.
Oh well, patience is a virtue - or so I've heard. ;_)
Anyone else think that tv shows on Blu-ray are SERIOUSLY over-priced? I want it on Blu-ray... but man, that's a pretty steep price increase for the same content in a higher definition.
There's some nice surprises on the DVD for fans. One in particular.

Don't suppose it's Season Three is it Gossi?? Well I can dream can't I.
I would love to see The Epitaph episodes recut as one long finale.
I seriously can't wait for this to come out. Ever since rewatching S1, the urge to see S2 in all it's glory has been eating away at me.
Release dates and contents will be announced at SDCC. Really wonderful extras with this one. I'm very excited.
Wonder if they'll combine the two seasons for a "complete series" set. I'm always more partial to those, even though for a two-season series, purchasing individually doesn't matter so much.
I refused to delete any of the episodes on DVR until I have the beauty DVD in my hands, safe and sound where it belongs.

TamaraC, if they're making announcements at SDCC, will they be selling them there as well like last year? Debating about pre-ordering vs. owning immediately. Hmmm...
I hope the last two episodes have lots of additional footage added so that their story doesn't feel rushed.
korkster, I really don't know the final plans, but I don't think it will be available at SDCC. Don't quote me on that, plans change all the time. I would pre-order.
Hoping Blu-Ray will come down a bit. I paid $32 for S1. Maybe they will have a sale when it's actually released otherwise I may wait a while. Can't wait to watch the whole series in a row plus the extra's!
I can't wait to hear the commentaries. I hope they do loads of them. I'd love to hear all of the actors discussing their performances.
Does anyone with inside info know if they're making a complete series set? Cause that's what I want. I actually haven't bought S1 yet because I just want the complete collection on Blu-Ray. Please? Any chance at all?
benboy606, that is an eventual possibility, but I don't know of any plans for it at this time.
I'm hoping at least we get that additional footage with the bounty hunter girls.
"And still Australia hasn't got season 1. This is just downright ridiculous."

NZ still hasn't even aired Season One! It was due to premier in March, but they've put it off indefinitely. Haven't seen the boxset anywhere yet either. Bleh.
DVD releases in different countries are (unfortunately) dependent on finishing free TV airings and other local broadcast agreements. 20th Home Entertainment has no say in the matter.

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