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November 19 2003

New Buffy Spin-off, "The Chosen" Fake or True? Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. But an interesting thought.

So far the recurring guest stars are Eliza Dusku (Tru Calling), David Boreanaz (Angel), Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Donald Sutherland.

Right. Because Joss and Mr. Sutherland got along so well.
Though I believe that the spinoff, (whenever it happens) will either be something very like this, or Faith. This story is complete rubbish, as has been said, no way would Joss work with Donald Sutherland again, and I really can't see David Boreanaz and Tru Calling commiting as recurring characters when both currently have jobs they probably hope to have next year. And Sarah Michelle Gellar's not going to sign up as a recurring character when Buffy had to end to suit her desire to stop.
This is'nt a true story, though if there is to be a new spinoff fall '04 shouldn't we start to hear things soon.
I almost choked, laughing so hard...Joss and Sutherland together choking!!!

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It's a fake as it originated on TV Tome Saturday or Sunday and then disappeared very quickly once word got out on the Buffy forums about how utterly rubbish it was. And don't even get me started on the spelling of the names.
I still prefer the Spike-as-a-giraffe spinoff idea.
"I still prefer the Spike-as-a-giraffe spinoff idea."

I heard that the problem with that was the special effects. CG vampire giraffes just cost too much.
Yep, those CG giraffes were pricey, and there's only about 2 trained giraffe actors, we used one but he just wouldnt do as he was told, which is why there are major changes ahoy for season 2.
And if there ever will be a spin off, die hard Whedonists like us would know first.
But wouldn't it be great if it were true? Or at least something similar? Sigh. I'm gonna go off and sob in my Weetabix just dreaming about it.
Where is the animosity between JW and DS that everyone is privy to found? In other words: How do you guys know this?

DS was in the original Buffy movie released in the early '90s. He played Buffy's watcher Merrimack. Apparently, DS and Joss had disagreements over the role. DS supposedly rewrote or improvised some of Merrimack's lines and the studio bigwigs caved in to DS. I don't know the exact details, the animosity started on the Buffy movie.
Merrick, you mean.
I remember DS from the movie...but such animosity over reworking of lines? I mean he IS Donald Sutherland and JW was a nobody at the time...JW should have just gotten over himself and moved on...But we all know what the chances of that are...Thanks for the info splay!
Well, the script was good. The movie stunk. Joss was right. It's a good reason to be pissed at DS, although I do realize that nothing could have been done about it. There isn't a movie studio in this hemisphere that would have done anything differently.
From what I recall, the animosity was about more than just reworking of lines. JW said (in a recent article - anyone remember which one? It was in multiple parts), that DS was, and I'm paraphrasing here, a Big Jerk. DS was apparantly very much a prima dona, very snooty, and rude to the "underlings." Just not a nice guy to work with.
Funny how we all had the same first thought: Joss wanting Donald Sutherland in his show. Suure! Bwahahahaha. Yeah I read the interviews. He hated the guy's guts. Felt he was largely responsible for the messing up of the movie. And also, reportedly he was an ass on the set.

Ah well it was a nice thought, that whole spinoff deal. But yeah Sarah can't even pop up ONCE this season for Angel, but she would be a recurring character there? Rigght...
Just for the sake of completeness, the interview everyone seems to be talking about was this one from The Onion:

O: Was it a personality conflict between you and Sutherland, or was he just not what you'd envisioned in that role?

JW: No, no, he was just a prick. The thing is, people always make fun of Rutger Hauer [for his Buffy role]. Even though he was big and silly and looked kind of goofy in the movie, I have to give him credit, because he was there. He was into it. Whereas Donald was just... He would rewrite all his dialogue, and the director would let him. He can't write—he's not a writer—so the dialogue would not make sense. And he had a very bad attitude. He was incredibly rude to the director, he was rude to everyone around him, he was just a real pain. And to see him destroying my stuff... Some people didn't notice. Some people liked him in the movie. Because he's Donald Sutherland. He's a great actor. He can read the phone book, and I'm interested. But the thing is, he acts well enough that you didn't notice, with his little rewrites, and his little ideas about what his character should do, that he was actually destroying the movie more than Rutger was. So I got out of there. I had to run away.

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