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April 27 2010

Joss Whedon: bridging geekdom's gap? So argues The Geek Beat.

Can't say I particularly agree with the author. Joss is a pretty polarizing figure in online discussion away from the Black.

But I do think he has a great chance at cross-over appeal to the more general non-geeky masses.
Well I can say I exemplify the group that had not even a passing interest in the Avengers prior to hearing about Joss's potential involvement.

Assuming there's a lot more like me out there, I think that part of the argument has merit.
But Whedon directing The Avengers? It was the #1 trending topic on Twitter. That's a ton of people.

Probably about 5000?
I also had little to no interest in The Avengers or any of the superhero films preceding it (the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk films as well as Thor, Captain America, etc.) until I heard it was a strong possibility that there would be some major involvement from Joss.

Now I almost find it necessary to see the solo films that are to come before The Avengers just so I don't feel confused.

I would gently suggest that you are out of your jiggy mind if the prospect of one of the greatest Shakespearean vessels of all time tackling a superhero movie doesn't fill you with independent-from-Whedon excitement.
Well I can say I exemplify the group that had not even a passing interest in the Avengers prior to hearing about Joss's potential involvement.

Add me to that list. I wouldn't dip into my very limited movie going budget for most any superhero film. I rented Iron Man with a friend & fell asleep (I'd had a long hard day, but didn't feel moved to try it again before returning it). Waited for Hulk to come to HBO - only The Dark Knight got me to the theater, after catching Batman Begins on HBO and being mightily impressed.
I would have seen Avengers just because RDJ as Iron Man was in it but Joss' involvement certainly sweetened the deal for me.
Actually, I feel like the author nailed it! I loved Buffy and Angel, but refused to watch Firefly, at first, simply on the premise. The only reason I gave it a shot was because it was Joss. Then when it was awesomeness, I've been on board for everything else - Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, etc.

I wasn't a comic book reader, until Buffy Season 8. Now, Astonishing X-Men is at the top of my birthday list (*note: I'm a 34-year-old English teacher and mom of preschoolers*), because I trust that Joss will deliver character driven narrative in a new and exciting way (for me, at least).

I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about the Avengers when news of Joss' possible direction broke. But, I do now. And I plan on asking every single one of my comic book lovin' friends to get me to where I need to be, to not only enjoy the movie, but understand where it comes from.

And, with my increasing "fanaticism" I bring a few new people with me each step of the way. Firefly & Serenity is a regular gift to friends and family, and I've made everyone that I know watch Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. It's only a matter of time before comics show up in Christmas stockings. And, there will be a group of us that head to the theatre to watch The Avengers - all because of Joss.

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