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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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April 28 2010

Nathan Fillion talks Joss and The Avengers. MTV's Splash Page asks him whether he'd want to play one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And on a separate Splash page, Robert Downey Jr. answers a query about Joss and the Avengers movie.

No doubt Fillion's Pym would be sporting a Hammer t-shirt hidden under his other, various attire.
MTV has an interview with Robert Downey Jr. about The Avengers. He's asked his thoughts on Joss on The Avengers.Downey says he's not very familiar with Joss,"but will let Marvel make whatever decisions they deem appropriate."
Blah blah Joss Whedon blah diminutive Pym blah ... who's the blonde?
Thanks for that, Buffyfantic. Added it to the main link.
"Blah blah Joss Whedon blah diminutive Pym blah ... who's the blonde?" - karosurly

RDJ hasn't watched the Jossverse? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Robert Downey Jr. thinks Marvel may deem Joss appropriate; yet the word is still out whether Joss can be redeemed. Ha!
Blah blah Joss Whedon blah diminutive Pym blah ... who's the blonde?

YES. WHO IS THE BLONDE. Although I find it vaguely in Nathan's 'character' to attach himself to a cute lady just to look cool, that doesn't mean I can't be jealous.
Somebody on twitter named @AustinH_24seven apparently attended a special "Iron Man 2" showing in Austin, Texas last night, (as did Nathan himself whose MTV interview was clearly done there) - he asked @Jon_Favreau an Avengers/Joss Whedon question, and had an answer but what either Q or A was I cannot tell.

And it's tearing me apart!/James Dean

; >
Man, the cameraman is a moron or what ? He has a gorgious woman on the right and he shows us ... empty space on the left !
"There comes a point in time where one single man does so much for you that you can't ask him to do anything more for you," he said.

But what if Whedon offered him a part?

"Boom! I'm in!"

-At the last part of the Interview Nathan says...
"I have four days left to shoot on Castle and then-"
The video ends!!

Grr, Argh, indeed.
TDBrown, at the end, he says after Castle he'll be taking some much needed vacation.
So, this, then from a more recent whedonesque link would appear to answer my question.

When I noted that I thought Whedon was supposed to be directing, he continued: "I would love it to be, but I don't think that's been confirmed yet." He also repeated that same information at a Q&A following last night's fan screening of "Iron Man 2" at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Tex.

It is no longer tearing me apart.

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