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April 28 2010

Jewel Staite and Sean Maher attending Dragon*Con this year. Jewel tweeted that she and Sean will be at Dragon*Con this year. :D

It's already on my calendar! DragonCon may be the best thing about living in Atlanta (other than Emory University, of course :) )!
Are they doing a panel together? They should totally do a panel together.
electricspacegirl - you can bet on it.
Morena was also just added to the guest list too.
Since this is the most recent Serenity-related thread, I just wanted to hijack here and let it be known that "Serenity" was mentioned on Jeopardy! just now.
Gah! I haven't been to D*C in 3 years! I miss it so. Denver's Con is just no comparison.
I'm soooo excited, I just can't hide it. I'll be there with bells on for sure, wooo hoooo....
I love D*C! So excited about Sean-his autograph will make a fine addition to my Serenity poster. Also thrilled to see Jewel & Morena again. Met them in '08 & both were lovely to chat with. The Whedon Universe is shaping up nicely this year :)
That is awesome! I was already planning on going to Dragon*Con, but was sad that they had no Firefly guests listed yet. Nathan and Alan's panels there a couple years ago were incredible!

Any Whedonesquers fancy a meet-up at D*C?
This year will be my first time at D*C despite living in Atlanta 17 yrs. It would be fun to have a meet-up. And I respectfully disagree with Valentyn. The other best thing about Atlanta is the DeKalb Farmer's Market :)
i don't know how y'all will do it, but please let me know if there is a whedonesquers meet up at dragon*con 2010, 'cause i am so going to be there! also, let me know if i need to do anything to make it happen as i live in the metro atlanta area.

the first staff meeting was last month and i couldn't stop grinning the whole time i was in midtown!

oh, and the other greatest thing about atlanta is the restaurant down the street from my house that sells roti. i am willing to take (or direct) anyone who wants to go!

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Mark Sheppard has just tweeted that he's been invited to D*C, too. :D

I had the BEST time, ever in 2008 when I went to D*C with my son. I don't think I'll be able to go this year and it's making me very, very sad. :(
(yes, I'm playing catch up here)

I'm so happy that some of the Firefly cast will be there.

And don't forget that the premiere of the Browncoats: Redemption fan film will be happening at D*C too!
Created a thread on .org about a meetup -

Anyone interested?

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