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April 28 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel #32. Let's talk about this issue as Willingham continues his run on the series.

"As more vampires start running around Hollywood, Connor and crew must figure out a way to stop the carnage and deal with his little merry band of demon girls. Meanwhile, Angel has it out with his captors, before learning that things really can get weirder than he thought."

I am on my way out to get this now! I have heard good things about it so am looking forward to reading it:)
I got my copy of Angel #32 yeaterday.I think it is the strongest issue of this arc.The previous issues were really the setup for the payoff in this issue.And this issue seems more setup for stuff coming up.

No torture of Felicia Valentine.I think that was just bluster from Spike to scare her.They interrogate her and then Spike stakes her once they have all the info she does.

I though Connor and Spike had good camaraderie in this issue.Something that was missing in previous ones.

Loved the Gunn/Connor showdown.In some ways this has been building since the end of ATF.They both lay it on the line.Connor still blames Gunn for what he did as a vampire in ATF even those events never happened now.And it goes back to what he feels are Gunn's character flaws.Connor flat out says that for all of Spike's bluster,he trusts Spike.Connor does not trust Gunn.He knows when the bad times come and the chips are down,Spike can be relied on.He feels Gunn can't be.Connor knows Gunn wants to do the right thing but feels his fundamental core is weak.

The only reason Connor hasn't shown Gunn the door is because of Angel.He knows his father believes they can all make up for past sins.So Connor was trying to give Gunn that chance and forgive him for what Gunn did to him in Hell-A.

Well Gunn throws back in Connor's face everything Connor did in season 3 and 4(sending Angel to the bottom of the ocean,the events with Cordy and Jasmine) and basically saying pot calling kettle.

Bottom line is that Gunn feels that he shouldn't be held responsible for what he did as a soulless vampire especially since the events of Hell-A were taken away.And he feels he's a better leader than Connor who is a little kid playing at being a grown up.

In the end,Gunn quits Angel Investigations and decides to reform his old vampire hunting gang and do things the way they should be done.Angel is free to look him up when he returns and Angel is boss again and they can talk but not while Connor is in charge.He also warns Connor not to cross his path.

I think this is how Gunn will be meeting Eddie Hope.Out on the streets and away from Angel Investigations

Angel meets Laura Weathermill in this issue and it's pretty clear she's being set up to fill Wesley's shoes for Angel and the same role Giles fills for Buffy as Team Angel's new research expert.She infiltrated Innovation Labs to undo their vampire production gig and save Angel which ended up not being necessary.She wants to work for Angel in the area of research and intelligence(again like Giles does for Buffy and Wes did for Angel.And all three were watchers too).I'm really liking her character.

Loved Dez's little follow up to Spike's line about the loss of Gunn and how he(Spike) is all the action adventure hero they need.Her
mid- transformation,"AND ME." was cool.

The story ends with Angel reunited with Connor,Kate,Spike,Dez,James along with Illyria and looks to be new additon Laura Weathermill.

Can't wait for Angel's reaction to Gunn's departure and Connor's reaction to Illyria wanting to mate with him at the end of the

Going to miss Brian Denham on art.

Really loved the Eddie Hope and Gwen meeting in the backup and how Gwen screws him over and uses him to make her escape.

I think people who have a problem with Willingham's work will probably still have a problem but I think his characterzation is improving as he gets more a handle on the characters.I enjoyed the issue though.
So, why'd Gunn leave?
He's pissed at Connor.He doesn't like Connor's leadership and Connor coming down on his character.

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Well the volcano is still causing trouble - after disrupting all my travel plans and costing me loads extra to get around...not it has caused the Angel comic to run a week late!!!!

Anyone else in UK/Ireland had that problem?I was so dissapointed when I went into the store after travelling for 30 mins to get there only to be told there were 'shipping difficulties'. I dont understand how this weeks comics can be affected still.
I also missed a portion of the earlier comment that might have helped me...that was my bad.
Oh, is that why this thread is so small - the issue hasn't been able to reach large portions of our posters yet?

Re: the issue - poor. Didn't believe much of the Gunn/Connor confrontation, and the art didn't help there, either - some of the facial reactions make it seem more like they're joking around than having a serious confrontation. The Williams feature continues to feel like waste of time and space to me. The one positive I'd give it is that Gwen seems closer to herself than she did in the Armstrong material; but another art failure here as Messina gives her, at least in the fourth/largest panel on the first page of the story, grotesquely/ridiculously large breasts.

There are bits and pieces I like - the vampire mythology/Dracula discussion; Angel trashing the place is fun; I actually do like the Laura Wethermill character (unlike Dez and James or whatever his name is, who really should have just disappeared after that arc finished). But, as a whole, the feeling I'm left with is "poor". I'm one of those who greatly enjoyed ATF; but at this point, the Angel comic has risen near the top of my pile - as I try to save the best books for last, rather than read the good stuff first and be left with iffy stuff after. Why do I buy "iffy stuff"? Good question. Usually I have just enough interest in a plot question, or there's just enough good bits in an issue, to keep me going on a title. Some "meh" books which I've given time to improve have done so; others I do eventually drop (or, in one case recently, a book got canceled from under me, and, for the only time I can remember, I was actually glad that happened). Angel is getting very close to getting dropped. Particularly as I have a few upcoming titles to add to my pull - including Brian's Spike ongoing, a book which I actually feel excited about and feel could add positively to the mythology. A feeling which I find I don't really have about the Angel ongoing anymore.
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