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April 29 2010

Check out pictures from Morena Baccarin's press conference in Brazil to promote V. You can read about the press conference in the following links which also include videos: Teleséries, Série Maníacos and Guia de Seriados. (Content in Portuguese)

Use Google Translate if you really want to try reading the linked blog posts, it won't be 100% but will allow you to understand most of it.
Firefly / Serenity is barely mentioned, as most local press, even the ones dedicated to Entertainment, are barely aware of it. They were more stuck about Classic V. I wished I was still press (I did write the Firefly columns for another website back in the day), so I'd be able to attend this, but unfortunately not anymore.
Which must explain why she survived the conference without anyone even attempting to ask a question whether she'd be cast in The Avengers. - But that's my personal joke onto it.

Oh thanks for this!
If I lived in São Paulo I'd so stalk her, haha.

I've always wanted to see her speaking portuguese! Loved it.

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