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April 29 2010

Eliza Dushku: NOH8 Campaign. Eliza has done a photoshoot for the campaign and their twitter account (@NOH8Campaign) has a preview shot.

Awesome. I like her even more now.
Is it just me or does she look exceptionally young in this photo? Either way, it's fantastic of her to do this.
I'm so happy to know this!!! It really makes a difference.
Also really like Jane Lynch's, Hal Sparks', Marlee Matlin's, and even though Bryan Singer's "x" pic is kinda cheese-bordering-on-shameless-self-promotion-but-also-cute-wink-&-nod, like his too. Christopher Gorham including his family entire family in the pic is very effective and Meghan McCain's is good to have in there as well (Elephant plays nicely as "elephant in the room" and the unofficial symbol of the Republican party), though I realize there're other Republicans in this photoshoot/campaign (sorry, didn't mean to get all partisan about it, just pointing out that it's nice Republicans are front and centre on this as well).
Eliza is neat. This, too, is neat.
I saw NOH8 and at first (even though I'm a 13375p34k3r from way back) thought of David Mack's Kabuki.
Something about the "mask of Noh" or something like that, Zeitgeist ? Or the names of one of the villains ? I remember always reading the solicitations for new Kabuki back in the days when it was really popular and I always intended to check it out, but just didn't get around to it. Later, I wondered if its popularity was more due to the art. Hadn't heard if David Mack was a great writer or not.

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