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April 29 2010

Neil Patrick Harris is one of Time's most influential people of 2010. He's number 10 on the Artist's section of the list, and has a small write-up by Joss.

Very well written Mr. Whedon!!! Neil is magic. : )

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That was lovely.
Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a Dr. Horrible reference, however, that was a very nice bit by Joss.
It would be great to see Joss on that list one day though.
:) Although I'm not a fan of that characiture. Neil is a sexy man, and that image makes him look sort of like a bulldog.

Anyway. Yay. I love the writeup, too.
Go Neil! Although I did wander over here from my RSS reader just to chime in that that is quite possibly the most unflattering illustration of a human being ever sketched.
I think this is your Dr. Horrible reference, Tyler: " ...he was suddenly all over TV and other media." (Emphasis added.)

On another subject, I'm also impressed with that Whedon guy's writing. He maybe has a career there. Anybody know of anything else he's done?
Heh, the sketch I found rather suspect too.

They do attribute the write up to Joss as the Emmy winning director of Dr. Horrible, does that count? I can't exactly tell though-- so did they get the celebrities/artists generally to be written up by someone related to them in some manner?

Like with Lea Michele they got Olivia Newton John who just filmed something for Glee not that long ago, and Coco they got the guy who he's headlining TBS' late night lineup, but I don't know enough about like the tie between Nick Cannon and Simon Cowell (both reality TV show hosts?) and the District 9 guy meets Ridley Scott. Or Jet Li and Donatella Versace apparently being friends.
A beautiful valentine! Makes me <3 Joss all the more.
Really nice write-up, Joss.

That artist had an amazing ability to make NPH look like a thin W.C. Fields with a moustache.
A lovely sketch of the man. The word sketch, I mean.
I knew this but not that Joss did the lovely write-up - thanks for posting.
That was a great write up, and oh so true.

There is nothing unhappy about this link (except, maybe, the bizarre sketch, but that's how Time rolls)

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I wish they would have credited Joss as "Writer and directer" instead of just producer of Dr. Horrible, and that is one god-aweful sketch but the rest is gravy:)

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