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November 19 2003

DVD Sales Can Save A Show. It seems as if Family Guy, another one of Fox's unjust cancels, may return to television due to exceptionally high DVD sales. Is the same possible for Firefly? Probably not - But for all those Fireflyics out there it's still a nice thought.

We get a movie. That's even cooler.
Since the film version is being released through Universal, I think Firefly coming back as a television series on FOX would be rather unlikely.
I don't see Firefly returning as a series, either, but I think if Family Guy is revived, an interesting precedent will be set.

Plus, hey, more work for Seth Green, potentially.
I think it's a question of cost as well. On average how much was an episode of Family Guy to make and how much was a Firefly episode?

I think the news of Farscape's return is an interesting precedent as well.

Roll on the Firefly movie :).
I think what every Firefly fan is hoping is that the DVD sales, combined with the (potential) success of the film, will jump-start the series. HBO HBO HBO! If some pay-cable station showed itself to suddenly be scooping up all the canceled-before-their-time dramas, comedies and genre programming, don't you think viewers would flock to them and their subscriptions would go through the roof? I know it's not that simple acquiring canceled series, but man there really should be a network specifically designed for QUALITY shows to live out their run. Let's all start one.
I'm sure fans of Futurama, John Doe and Miracles would be with you on that Kris.
Oh, John Doe!!! Yeah, I'd jump in to see that continue. :)
I just hope Fox executives see DVD and box office sales on Firefly and sit back and reflect on how foolish they were for treating the show the way they did. It will be a small consolation for me, but it's better than nothing.
About Seth Green, now that he's working much more than at the time of the end of the show, I wonder if he would be a regular if the Family Guy returned.

Also, I don't think there is any comparison for how much a good sci-fi genre show costs compared to an animated show. Sci-fi shows are expensive, as far as I can tell.
Being as how I'm in the dark, can someone tell me how the DVD sales of Firefly were? Even those of Buffy and or Angel would be appreciated.
Simon, there's news of a Farscape return? Where?
You can read what TV Guide said about Farscape's return here :)
Thanks, Simon. It took me a while to get into Farscape, but when I did, well, great great stuff. The kinda genre-with-emotion stuff we're used to seeing from that other guy who's shows we like so much. What was his name again? ;-)
Nychick, the Firefly DVD set hasn't been released yet. It doesn't come out until December 9th. But it does seem to be pre-selling pretty well on I don't really have any information on how Buffy and Angel sets are selling other than, again, that they seem to be high up there on the Amazon sales rankings.

I'm sure someone else probably knows more about the success of the DVD's. I'm just glad they keep coming.

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