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April 29 2010

Joss 'not confirmed' as Avengers director. But Jon Favreau thinks he'd be a 'wonderful choice'.

Well, yeah, it hasn't been officially announced. Weren't most people expecting an official statement sometime next week to coincide with the Iron Man 2 release?
Weren't most people expecting an official statement sometime next week to coincide with the Iron Man 2 release?

I think it seems likely. I remember that they announced their plans for Thor, Cap, and Avengers right after Iron Man's opening weekend.
That makes sense. I think that after all this coverage of Joss doing it that they would be mad to suddenly turn round and say it isn't happening, but let's just hope there isn't too much negotiating going on at the moment and that everyone is on the same page with the project. I would hate to see Joss's chance at the big big time to be ruined by unwanted executive meddling.

Hope to see one of those Purple posts on here soon with confirmation (and maybe a few hints to what he might be up to with it.)
Nice comments from Jon Favreau. Thought he did a great job with Iron Man.
All the journalists have been briefed that it's not confirmed, which is why a lot of websites, like Empire, and Moviehole, stated it without a quote.
Nice. Favreau is a Firefly fan. No wonder he was able to bring the funny, the action and the drama to Iron Man.
I might get very mad if this isn't confirmed soon, and if he doesn't get it I will cry.
This is a really interesting situation. Because he IS in talks and it looks like a very good idea for various reasons.
- He knows the comic book world
- He knows how to write and direct an action movie
- He has a lot of hard core fans
- He brings credibility to the project that could otherwise be brandmarked a pure money maker
- He is available and he's not expensive

All of these reasons are obvious to us as fans. Plus we root for the guy not just because he deserves a break but because he is fraking brilliant. The problem is: Our perception of the situation is not and should not be what the studios base their choice on. As much as I think Joss would be perfect fot his.

Nevertheless, the news of the possibility was huge in the internets. So if it should not happen after all (for whatever reason, maybe even Joss decides it's not a good fit), it could create a massive backlash of disappointment.

So I hope Joss gets the gig but I want him to get it because it will rock and not because WE think it would.


And by that I mean can the suits just wise up, give him anything he wants and let's get this show on the road. K?
Yep. I'm dying for it to get confirmed as well. I've noticed that I'm already thinking of this in terms of it being a 'done deal', which is dangerous as it'll be very disappointing if the deal ends up falling through.

Here's hoping it'll be days, not weeks or even months, before we get confirmation either way.
Yea, I know it's not confirmed. I think we all do. But look at the title of this weblog-- I think we're expected to rejoice anyway. Just the idea that this might be happening is amazing.

I'm waiting impatiently for a Joss post too. I'm hoping the moment Joss gets 'the word' that he can say something, he will.
I guess I sorta forgot that this hadn't been confirmed. I mean, I think I would remember such an event, but the way people have been talking about it, it felt like it was a "done deal." Need to remember not to get my hopes TOO up.

I think that as soon at it is confirmed (or denied), we'll get a nice long piece of purple prose ending the Joss-silence.

Really hoping this happens.
Joss has neither confirmed nor denied, so who knows? I certainly don't.
Yes, it sure is easy to get carried away. And after, to quote from the article, "nerd champagne flowed happily throughout the land", and Joss didn't swing by to confirm, I knew we'd gotten happy and drunk on words too easily. He's a mighty busy dude, but also faithful to us, well, slobbery faithful.

I've only got one trick left. When I'm at my computer desk, cross both big toes over the toe next to it, for luck and crazy, wonderful, happenstances.

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Semi off topic but kind of not.

The first offical photo of Chris Hemsworth as Thor has been released by Marvel and Paramount.
Have to say, seeing Iron Man 2 has increased my interest in The Avengers about a hundred-fold (though, I still say it's really weird in the UK where I'm sure Emma Peel's The Avengers are a lot more well known than Marvel's The Avengers. Not too sure how they're going to market their way around that).
They'll probably call it "The Avengers: The One With Superheroes And Not Steed And Mrs. Peel (Or Tara King.)"

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