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April 29 2010

(SPOILER) The Performance: Emma Caulfield in 'Timer'. Interview with the former Buffy actress about her sci-fi romantic comedy.

From Emma's twitter: The Performance: Emma Caulfield in ‘Timer’ - (away shortened url) ahahha rad. go Timer, go!

Spoilers are very mild.

Timer was awesome. I saw it in March at a film fest and I can't stop talking it up to EVERYONE. Seriously. Go see it, go buy it, do whatever you have to do.
... and how impressed do I continue to be with the chops of the "secondary characters" in Whedon shows, and what they do in the aftermath? They seem to all go on to do Great Things. Name one who didn't steal the show from time to time. Anya and Andrew (Emma & Tom Lenk) still crack me up.

I almost think in terms of chops, talent and range that the leads are the weakest performers in Whedon shows. Almost "formal devices" while more nuanced character developments happen around them. ("Almost" because I'm on the fence about Fillion. Brilliant in Firefly / Serenity and under-appreciated lead in general, but ... could he nail for example Victor's roles and evolution in Dollhouse as well as the actual actor did?)

Now that I've committed a heresy, y'all can flay me as you will. I'll be over here in my thinking chair, contemplating the goodness of Emma Caulfield (above), Julie Benz (Dexter) and Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) each playing the hell out of, well, anything they want. That's just to start.
Actually I agree, BierceAmbrose. Although for me it not just Whedon shows, I rarely like the lead character as much as the secondary ones. I think writers try to make leads appeal to everyone and so IMO they become generalized and bland while secondary characters get to be quirky and unique which I find much more interesting.

I disagree on Firefly though, not because Nathan Fillion isn't amazing but because, perhaps as a result of its brevity, I see it as a true ensemble where each of the characters where given an equal share of the show and therefore don't view Mal or anyone else as the lead.
Good on her; left me cold but this and Bandwagon I gotta see.

Poor Emma and those pesky "they always n confuse me with the character I play" moments. I mean I knew some older guys (who are an embrrassment to all self-respcting dirty old men in the world) used to go up to her at cons wearing Anya T-shirts and make improper suggestions. I didn't know younger fnas had that problem.

I'd still like to see Emma and Amber update the Hope-Crosby Road pictures franchise. Maybe Adam could be the Sarong Boy?

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