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April 29 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD Cover. According to Amazon...

I'm iffy on it at the moment.

Looks to me like it could just be a placeholder image created by Amazon for the page.
I thought that, but the photo of her has been edited if you look at the arm with the gun, normally amazon just uses promo shots...

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Ugh. Hideous if real.
Ugh, the key art for some DVD covers is pretty horrible in their attempt to show any sort of twist on photographs which fans have presumably seen before. (Granted that's sort of a nice spirit but it gets rather awkward looking.)

I'd have liked to see them acknowledge the ensemble cast nature a bit more though. I actually liked some of the promo pics that tried to demonstrate the series involved an actual cityscape since all the negative space might lead people to think it's a much "harder" sci-fi series ala THX 1138.
I like it. I would love a complete series collectible at some point down the road with the entire cast on the cover, of course.
I actually like it. Not as much as the Season 1 cover, but still.
Looking at that title gives me a headache.
Ensemble pic is always good, but I actually think this is OK. The image looks (to me, at least) like Eliza upending a stroller/pram, which is an amusing (to me, at least) visual pun on "Dollhouse."
Bad if real, but at least they didn't enhance Eliza's... features, to the point of looking unnatural like the Season 1 cover.
Eliza Dushku has been Rob Liefeld'd!
I don't particularly care for it.
Not a surprise that they chose it. They touted this promo image throughout the entire season two on FOX. I doubt they really wanted to spend any more time (or money) on it after all the drama.
While I'd love to see an ensemble cover, there's a chance the group shot will be incorporated into the back cover. And I'd take this being the actual cover over the possibility of Eliza with a gun in front of the yellow, pink and green dollhouse backdrop any day. :)
I can see everyone unfamiliar with the show (so that's kind of most people....) having to work out what all the letters spell.

"Lloodsue? What the hell is Lloodsue?"

/Shades of Xander coming up with "bitka".
I hope that "Instinct" and "Belle Chose" are in the proper order on the DVD, since they were aired out of order on TV. "Instinct" is so much better an episode when you watch it after "Belle Chose".
I like the promo pic and even the title fine, but everything else needs work. Definitely don't like the other text.
I really like it. ;D
I've never liked that title format. It needs to be easy to glance at and capture peoples' attention, and I think it requires a thorough inspection to figure out what the letters in the title spell.
Yeah, definitely a placeholder.
I doubt it's just a placeholder. Usually when they say it's not final, it means they might zoom in a millimeter or make the text a slightly different color. This was the promo art they used for the season, so I wouldn't expect anything else. Not sure it really matters at this point. It's season two; if they don't know what it is, they wouldn't have gotten it anyway.
Changing her arm makes the picture look weird. Why didn't they just use the original image?

original image
I think that one would have been a little weird after looking at your link, eddy.

What hacksaway said. :)
What TamaraC said ;).
I actually rather like the idea of the insane pink and yellow photoshoot. Presumably this would be shelved by copies of the first season and it's a pretty drastic change that might make the series as a whole stand out a bit more.
Also I still have so much trouble figuring out the logo now that I'm finally paying it more notice. It makes me forget how to spell the word "house"
I prefer a quality full cast shot, or something not featuring a person--something that looks iconic/intriguing enough to look pretty and/or cool on the shelf. And also entices newbies to try it out.

With Firefly, I think they got it right with the blu-ray cover (since the cast shot on the DVDs wasn't the best--it fit everyone in, at least, but some folks had awkward expressions or it just looked, which it was. Nathan looks better than what we got on the Region 1 cover). Just the ship, suspended in space, with a part of a planet behind it.
More disappointed by the price than the cover.

Nearly 50.00 US marked down to 35.00? How many episodes were there again? 12, no?

I don't much care for DVD extras, either.

I'll be happy to buy a cheaper set when the prices go down or I can get it used.

ETA: Clarification: I don't much care for DVD extras unless they are extra unaired episodes. Deleted scenes are typically too short to even matter much.

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I'm not completely convinced that this is the actual cover, regardless of any arm photoshopping. Take a look at the blu-ray set's cover. It's exactly the same as the DVD, without any mention of it being blu-ray.

I can't say I know for sure, but this just says "placeholder" to me.

Nearly 50.00 US marked down to 35.00? How many episodes were there again? 12, no?

The MSRP's for pretty much all TV on DVD sets are almost always that high, it's just that retailers rarely sell them for MSRP.

Also, there are 13 episodes in season 2. (:
I submit: significantly better than the assbutt of a cover for season one. And there's no way there would ever be ensemble recognition for this show. *sigh* No hard feelings, I'm sure it's just a blip in the paperwork somewhere that Eliza gets the promotional mojo, nothing anyone can do about it. (fingers crossed that I am proved wrong on this)

The only DVD features I care about are commentaries. And bloopers. Lots of both, please! As in eps 2.04-2.11... Thanks. :D

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I'm warming up to the cover, really. It's a more dynamic cover than season 1, although the image tinkering needs improvement.
I don't really like it...I don't know, the way the words are written all wonky. If people had never seen the show and saw that in the store, I really don't think that they would stop and give it a second glance. I hope that it's not the actual cover, because then the only people that will buy it are Joss' fanbase and people who maybe compulsively buy new DVD boxsets as they come out.
The way her arm has been photoshopped in is terrible. If you zoom in on the image you will notice how terrible it looks. I really hope this isn't the final because it's a crappy photoshop attempt, plus i've been looking forward to seeing the cover for quite some time and i don't want the dissapointment of this being the cover.

It's a boring image, they should use another season 2 image, it's too plain and doesn't scream excitement like a cover should. If i saw this in store i wouldn't look twice.

I still think this should be the season 2 boxart. Anyone else agree?

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It looks like she's about a pop a wheelie on some artsy "OUSE motorcycle."
The S1 cover had its own Photoshop problems.

As to this one, I don't mind the jumbled letters of the title. But that "Season 2" bit is absolutely wretched.
gingyfromshrek, that's a cool image, but it also looks a little bit like a noir-ish/thriller version of a make-up/cosmetics ad. Dunno if it's what you'd want as a cover to promote Dollhouse.

b!X, I remember it being brought up here that Fox's marketing follks had enhanced Eliza's breasts for the Season 1 cover, but I didn't notice that they had also moved her forward, hiding less behind the mannequin, from promo image to DVD cover. Often interesting to see what goes into promotional images/promotional decision-making.
Don't like it much. Mainly due to the fonts - the title (had to wait for my brain to sort out the letters) and the 'Season 2'.
Seconded gingyfromshrek, that is a really neat promo pic I've never seen. Granted that'd be a little wonkier to try and get onto the front of a DVD and have the same composition. Also the guy up against the wall looks like he's looking into the camera. It reminds me a bit of the early teaser ads for that Wet video game Eliza did the lead voiceover work. (I still can't tell if the generic attractive assassin was also supposed to be modeled on her though.)

Otherwise I do like the noir make-up look! I mean it gets into the whole "violent action!" side of the show while with that sorta sexy/uncomfortable dress-up fantasy angle.
Ehh. Her left arm looks weird, but I don't hate it as much as other people. Although to people who aren't fans it might be hard to read I like how the title looks, and nobody who's never heard of Dollhouse will be buying season 2 anyway. I'm more interested in what special features we get (If Fox wasn't wiling to spend any money on budget or promotion before the show was cancelled, are they really gonna go all the way on dvd extras?) I remember season one having enough deleted scenes to basically be an extra episode, it was over 50 minutes I think not counting the new episode, hope that happens again. Also, featurettes:] Holy rabbit how great would it be if we got the original first episode, with it switching from Epitah 2 to Tophor and Claire?? And why does Amazon say it's only one disc?

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