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April 30 2010

Slayage 8.1 now available. The new issue of Slayage is now up and running, with 5 great new papers including one looking at Buffy and Twilight- and not that Twilight, but the Cullen one.

I really enjoyed reading the one comparing Buffy and Twilight.
That Dr Horrible essay is certainly food for thought.
I've skimmed the Dr. Horrible essay and also the magic/words one (with the focus on "The Killer in Me"). Really enjoyable--hopefully I'll get a chance to read them more fully. :)
Can't wait to find time for this.
Read the essay on Horrible. Very good one.

After Dr. Horrible aired(streamed?), I was one of the viewers who had issues with Penny's death/Penny dying, but after enough discussions on here and a re-watch or three, in which we basically discussed some of what this essay discussed, except less extensively...I got to a point where I understood why it was warranted (not just for the irony of "Don't worry, Captain Hammer will save us" and contributing to Billy's messed-up rise to power), why Joss played it the way he did.

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