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April 30 2010

First Picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This is Kenneth Branagh's superhero movie. Hemsworth is expected to reunite with Whedon, following "Cabin in the Woods", on Marvel's "The Avengers".

Damn,he looks the part.Very impressed.Out of the core Avengers,Thor was the one I always thought would be hardest to bring to life onscreen.Looks like they nailed his appearance.

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Yeah I think he looks terrific.

He was pretty incredible as George Kirk in Star Trek.
Yeah he was, Andy Dufresne.
I'm psyched for this. Iron Man 2 defied all expectations I had, so opening that Marvel Universe even more is such a juicy idea. Looks pretty awesome, but I need to see it in action to properly form an opinion.
Jaymii, "defied expectations", did you already see Iron Man 2????

When I think of a Marvel movie, I usually look forward to one or two "key moments" for the character. I couldn't wait to see Peter Parker swinging through town (Thhwip). I had to wait for the second movie to see the Hulk to do his patented Hand Slap (THHHWAAAK!). I think they did a great job with Cyclops' ruby visor. They did a spot-on job with the first suit in Iron Man--the second was a no-brainer, you just knew it was going to be awesome...and it was. (Repulsor Rays---KKKRRRAAAKKK)

Ben Grimm was a little disappointing but not embarrassing...they made up for it with a kickass Silver Surfer. (And speaking of Kick-Ass, I wish they would have kept one key item from the comics--he shouldn't have gotten the girl!)

The only real disappointment was Daredevil's sonar/radar. The way they did that special effect, it seemed more like an after thought.

So now I have a few more great things to look forward to...I can't wait to see Thor spin Mjolnir over his head. I'm also looking forward to eventually seeing some cool shield throws from Cap. (KKAAANG!)

This is definitely the age of merry Marvel movies...Excelsior!
alexreager, indeed I have. It comes out on wide release today in the UK, but I saw an advanced screening yesterday. I was really unsure about it - whether it would capture the lightning in a bottle fun the first one was but damn I enjoyed myself a lot. I noticed a couple of the issues people are having with the film and basically dismissed them. I shan't spoil it, but I think this film will be viewed in an even better light by the time The Avengers comes out. It's very much tied into a 'verse, its hard to think of it as a separate film - more an episode of TV - there's more to come, oh man there is.
That pic just makes me super excited.

And Jaymii I agree with your comments over Iron Man 2!
That picture looks pretty cool. It would be so easy look low quality but I love what I'm seeing right now! Can't wait for this, Captain America and then Avengers!!

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Though the first thing I thought was that Chris looks a lot like Branagh did himself in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994). It's the blond beard. Hopefully less of him running around naked in amniotic fluid with DeNiro (also not a pleasant naked sight).

Between that and his hallucinogenic WWI adaptation of The Magic Flute (with a very loose English translation by Stephen Fry) with absolutely psychotic psychedelic imagery, other than thinking Branagh has a serious Mozart fixation (specifically asking Tom Hulce to play Henry Clerval + his anglophone Magic Flute), I actually hope Thor works out.

Thor and Captain America actually have a period piece element, which helps. As long as they don't feel the need to update them too much, it should work. It's too easy to make what should be very specific period pieces into fish out of water comedies (and those have a very long record of bombing bad).

And well, it's very clear that Branagh has a Brit movie period piece background, though I sadly thought he and Robert DeNiro were the weaker, miscast parts of Frankenstein (adore Helena and Tom in it, though). In good news, I did love his re-imagining of the Bride of Frankenstein as Helena Bonham-Carter with her head flopping about during the dance sequence. That and it's clear that Branagh made an effort to use some dark humor (mostly Hulce's autopsy fainting and the talk about old ladies' daughters).

Branagh, just stay away from dreaming of huge giant lips and sopranos zipping around the sky in all future movies! Jeepers.

But yeah, Chris Hemsworth was excellent in Star Trek. George's death scene was arguably one of the most emotional scenes in the film. Certainly the biggest strength of the Kirk half of the story. Zachary Quinto's Spock more or less overshadowed most of the rest of the film (big time--though that was the case with the character frequently in the old days--the Wrath of Khan death scene/Amazing Grace funeral being the big one). Speaking of which, I really hope they pump up the Spock/McCoy interaction to make it more Nimoy/Kelley (the emotional prison scene in Bread and Circuses comes to mind) in the next films. Chris' performance basically held together the emotional narrative for Jim Kirk's story.

At least they look like Marvel has decided to take their superhero characters seriously and not camp them up like a lot of Hollywood brains would. The period piece route is a HUGE help.

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The only complaint I could possibly muster about this pic is that it seems to use the famous Myspace angles. You know, like the photo cropping and turned heads that unattractive people use to hide their appearance on social media sites? Well, now its a modesty tool worthy of a Norse God.
Not sure about the costume or the overall look. Thor was always pictured as an adult. He looks too young for me.
Well, Chris Hemsworth is pretty young. But the beard makes him definitely look older than he did as George Kirk.
Nile, I was thinking it was interesting that a Thor by Branagh has a beard similar to what he wears too (although there's precedent for it with Thor having a beard in the comics, at times, as well, and that's probably more what inspired it). I'm glad he has the beard, even if it doesn't remain throughout the entire film.

I'll reserve judgement of the costume until we see more of it, and in action, instead of just a still.

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