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November 20 2003

Angel Otanosimi Japanese manga-style fan art of Angel, Spike, & Buffy. Too good to be missed, and safe for work.

The entire art gallery can be found here. And don't miss the stunning revelation on this page. I'm pretty sure this site is spoiler-free - in English, at least.

It's really funny. Both picture on the site like this are board games...sort of. There are two Angel side and an Angelus side. I'll translate them if anyone wants them...

But a funny excerpt from the Angelus side: "You sing Mandy...really badly."
Oh my god, I would kill for a translation! I was just wishing I could read Japanese...
Wow that was....interesting. Is the blond guy Spike? I mean, blond, chained up and naked, looks like Spike from S7 to me.

Pretty funny. Some moments are actually fairly clear even without a translation.

Also anyone ever notice how in Manga art, when people are upset, their noses disappear?
yeah it says "spaiku", and he's doing something? something like hand-down, something down, I think it says. What does that mean?

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