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April 30 2010

TV's Worst Towns: Why We Wouldn't Live There. Sunnydale features on the list from TWoP.

Hmm, I wouldn't mind living in some of those towns -- particularly Sunnydale and Caprica City. I was happily unsurprised to find South Park there.

Though I do think that Angel Grove should be on the list, as well. =)
I know it's fictional and all, but why the hell haven't the main characters moved out of Fairview yet? I mean, there's a disaster the same time every year, their friends keep dying, and the residents are horrible.

And, I would love to live in Sunnydale. 'Cause, Willow!
Glad to see Neptune get a mention. I think people forget how dangerous a place it is!

Likewise Papen County residents seem to have a short life expectancy, but at least they go in such interesting ways.

Always amuses me in the prom episode when everyone cheers that they've had the lowest mortality rate in years. They're not concerned that mortality rate IS an issue in itself.
@Waterkeeper511. I don't even know you but I think I love you. Yes, Angel Grove would be a TERRIBLE place to live. The giant monster attacks are even worse than Tokyo's!
clubsilencio, I think that Tokyo might be worse -- Super Sentai (the shows where those wonderful Angel Grove monster attacks get their footage from) has been a staple in Japanese television since the mid-1970s! =) Haha, love is always good though. I was a bit apprehensive to make that remark here.

Edit: And besides the monster attacks, Angel Grove's police force is incredibly inefficient and their economy blows because all of the money is spent on karate tournaments and community clean-up events! =P

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Yea, if I actually got to be one of the scoobies, I'll go for Sunnydale. Short of that, I think that being one teaser away from death might be rather irksome after a while.
I usually don't lament my lack of cable or antenna, but I do wish I knew some of those towns besides Sunnydale.

Frick, azzers: Yeah, I see the attraction; some of my fics are first-person-narrated by a guy named Jared, who keeps trying, unsuccessfully (they figure they don't need an Urkel type,) to join the Scoobs.

As to crater-side living, I figure they crater is now a park, the town's been rebuiult next to it, and the most expensive homes are overlooking it. Jonathan's, Willow's and Harmony's parents live in neighborign properties right above it now; makes 4th of July interesting.
Am I cool or just sad because I know you were talking about the Power Rangers?

Oh - and I would love to live in Sunnydale or Neptune.

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