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April 30 2010

Remembering Andy Hallett - your help is needed. A fan is looking for stories/pics of Andy to put in a book for Andy's mother.

I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I never had the pleasure of meeting Andy in person, but I'm definitely a fan of his work on Angel and his singing talents.

Rest in peace, Andy.
What a sweet idea...
Hey guys,
if you havent met him but you were inspired by him you can still write something about him. Im sure Laurie will love it anyways
Thank you very much for the link. I know how he loved his Mom.
That's a wonderful idea. Too bad I hadn't ever met him, let alone have photos to share. He was my son's favorite actor in his favorite 'verse.
I've already contributed - I was fortunate to meet Andy at the Motor City Buffy convention in Detroit back in 2005. He was a beautiful soul.

I just emailed the link to my friends who are Buffy fans, asking them to contribute and spread the word to fans they know. Hopefully more people will contribute, even if it's just what they liked about Lorne.
Thank you guys. I really appreciate all your help. I got a bunch of wonderful stories and photos so far. Keep them coming.

P.s.: if you havent met him you can still write how he inspired you and what you liked about him or Lorne the most. I think it's a huge gift to be able to inspire people without ever meeting them.
I think this is a wonderful gesture. I'll give it some thought, definitely.

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