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"It turns out massacres are a lot like sitting through God Father 3, once is enough."
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May 01 2010

Happy Birthday Julie Benz! Raise a glass to celebrate.

She turns 38 today.

Julie Benz, happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday! Best wishes :)
So thrilled I share a birthday with Julie. I hope her day is filled with laughter & love! Happy Birthday, Julie!
Happy Birthday Julie! (And Intrepid Reporter!)
Happy Birthday!

Thank you for some truly great acting as Darla (especially in her death scene).
Happy b'day Julie, Intrepid Reporter, and Bailey Chase!
Happy Birthday to Julie! I met her at Dragon*Con back in September. She was very warm and friendly. Even shook my hand (and didn't immediately break out the sanitizing lotion). :)
Happy Birthday
don't tell anyone but your my favourite

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