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May 01 2010

Neil Patrick Harris stops in at The Late Late Show. Our good Doctor makes a brief appearance to introduce a fellow magician for Craig Ferguson.

Did anybody know he was going to be on? Surprised me. Funny bit though, he's great.

that was great!
Only a true talent can escape the confines of a career as a child actor. Next summer NPH will surely star in a few movies, the man is blowing up right now.
I <3 Craig Ferguson, and this random appearance was delightful.
Awwww. That was cute. :) I love Craig Ferguson as well.
This was pretaped, as Craig is out on tour right now in the Great Midwest. I hope I caught it, I tape Craig every night but tonight (of course) the tape ran out, hopefully after NPH's appearance!
I think Neil's intro was actually pretaped last year! Magic Week was scheduled for November and there were a few pictures of Neil in the outfit for his magician intros when he was last interviewed on the show in November. Lance Burton was meant to be a guest on November 30th but then Magic Week was postponed, and the intro/interview was never shown.

I'd forgotten all about it!
That was hilarious. I love NPH.
NPH + Craig Ferguson = guaranteed awesomeness. (this formula also works if you replace NPH with Kristen Bell)
The Kristen Bell clip linked on the right also has a Neil appearance. :)

When I read "our good Doctor," I was immediately thinking of Matt Smith and so got momentarily confused. Oh, what the difference a few weeks makes... -- By the way, anyone interested in *that* Doctor should check out, the Doctor Who threads are very quiet these days :(
E-Rawk - You can also sub Lauren Graham in that formula... :)

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