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April 30 2010

Vote for the ten greatest Buffy episodes. Logo will air the thirty episodes that get the most votes in June.

I think it's safe to say Once More With Feeling will nab the top spot.

Maybe The Gift, but my bet is on when Buffy met broadway.
Or Hush, which would be perfectly reasonable.

My votes (in broadcast order): 1x12 2x14 2x19 2x22 3x16 4x10 4x22 5x16 6x7 6x17. It will let you vote as many times as you want, apparently, so I may have to do it again and swap in 3x6 for 6x17. Tough choice, that one.
Here was my order:

5.16 The Body
4.22 Restless
5.22 The Gift
2.01 When She Was Bad
5.07 Fool for Love
7.05 Selfless
4.21 Primeval
6.17 Normal Again
2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You
3.17 Enemies
Ten is just not enough. I run out of spots by the end of season three.

And I really hope Band Candy makes the final list. I have a lot of love for that episode.
I had trouble limiting it to ten. I had to remove some so I could vote for Fool for Love, Once More with Feeling and Conversations with Dead People and I still missed tons of great ones.
So difficult to choose. It ended up being populated with quite a few episodes from season 2. Always have trouble with these polls - favourite or best episodes (in terms of execution)? Every season was featured in my order, bar season 7. I would have chosen Conversations with Dead People had I remembered though.
Oh cool, you can move them up and down. That saves a lot of hassle.

I went with.

1) The Gift
2) Becoming Part Two
3) Hush
4) Once More With Feeling
5) The Body
6) The Wish
7) Selfless
8) Restless
9) Seeing Red
10) The Puppet Show
I can't recall the original order I went with, but here they are in broadcast order:

- Halloween
- Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
- Becoming Part Two
- Graduation Day Part Two
- Hush
- Fool for Love
- The Body
- The Gift
- Once More With Feeling
- Chosen

I would be willing to bet that at least six of those make the top-30. Specifically Becoming Part Two, Hush, The Body, The Gift, Once More With Feeling, and Chosen. I would be happy to see Graduation Day Part Two and Fool for Love on there too though. The biggest surprise (in a big-smile way) would be if either Halloween or Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered makes the final cut.

ETA: Since I have every season except the first represented, I wanted to add that my favorite episode from the first season is either Prophecy Girl or The Puppet Show, so I certainly agree with your list's final choice Simon!

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Here's mine, by season order:

1) Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
2) Band Candy
3) Earshot
4) Living Conditions
5) Fear Itself
6) Pangs
7) The Replacement
8) Triangle
9) Intervention
10) Tabula Rasa

Figured all the usual suspects will get plenty of votes, so went for the funny instead.
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered may have been the penultimate story in regards to coming of age. Cant believe I forgot it.

Going through the seasons 1 from 7 is fruitless when participating in this or another related poll. Too much good to choose from.

What first jumps to mind struck the chord with you. Go with your gut is more than a folk saying.

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Mine - in traditional top 10 order:

10 - Lie To Me
9 - Passion
8 - Grave
7 - The Gift
6 - Chosen
5 - Becoming: Part 2
4 - The Body
3 - Restless
2 - Hush
1 - Once More, With Feeling

Hard to choose but I went with:

10. The Wish
9. Surprise
8. Innocence
7. Dopplegangland
6. Hush
5. The Body
4. Chosen
3. The Gift
2. Once More With Feeling
1. Restless
I think I went for: The Gift, The Body, Family, Passion, Once More With Feeling, Bad Girls, Restless, Prophecy Girl, Hush and Innocence. Not in that order. So many other episodes I could go for though.
I liked the sorting feature (although I wish it could have been a top 20). As of today my list is:

1. Anne
2. Who are you?
3. The Wish
4. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
5. The Body
6. Halloween
7. Hush
8. Innocence
9. Get it done
10. Normal Again
The sign-in is very strange - there is no "USA" under "country" - in any form - so I just left it blank. It wasn't clear to me whether or not you actually had to sign in, to have your vote counted, so I did.
Ten is not enough, but my picks:

3.Fool For Love
4.Dead Things
7.Normal Again
10.Tabula Rasa


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LOL. I spent about 20 minutes making sure I got my 10 right, only to find out you can vote more than once. So, I voted for 20 episodes.

Listed in the order the episodes aired:

Becoming Pt. 1
Becoming Pt. 2
The Wish
Fear Itself
Fool For Love
The Body
The Gift
Once More With Feeling
Seeing Red
Beneath You
Conversations With Dead People
Lies My Parents Told Me

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1. Earshot
2. The Pack
3. The Freshman
4. Selfless
5. The Body
6. The Prom
7. Anne
8. Life Serial
9. Living Conditions
10. Fool for Love

Like Kaan I decided I wouldn't waste my votes on episodes that always dominate these lists anyway like Hush & Once More with Feeling or epic series finales, but to include a few of the not-so-usual suspects among my personal favorites instead.

Though Hush & Once More with Feeling absolutely deserve there status and, I have to admit, are my favorite episodes of the series by a large margin. I do hope enough people do vote for them.
Only ten? Hmm, some tough choices.

The Wish
Fool for Love
The Body
The Gift
Once More, With Feeling
Conversations with Dead People

I think the only way I would ever be happy with these types of polls are if they allow 144 choices.
Well, Madhatter, if you have a spreadsheet where you've ranked all the episodes from 1 to 144 as you've re-watched the show, then all you need to do for this sort of poll is cut out your top ten. Not that I'd ever do anything as geeky as that. ;)

So, my top ten:

1. 5.16 The Body
2. 6.07 Once More, With Feeling
3. 4.22 Restless
4. 2.22 Becoming Part Two
5. 4.10 Hush
6. 2.17 Passion
7. 2.14 Innocence
8. 6.20 Villains
9. 6.21 Two To Go
10. 2.13 Surprise

(I'll spare you the other 134.)
It's very hard choosing only 10 episodes.

I went with:

3.The Gift
4.Becoming pt 2
5.Graduation Day pt 1
6.The Wish
8.Tabula Rasa
9.Once More With Feeling
10.Conversations With Dead People
For the first time ever, mine has stayed pretty much the same since the last time we did this:

1. Innocence
2. Becoming Part 2
3. The Wish
4. Doppelgangland
5. Restless
6. Fool for Love
7. The Body
8. The Gift
9. Once More, with Feeling
10. Conversations with Dead People

(with Passion, Earshot, Tabula Rasa and Selfless barely missing out, as usual.)
very hard to choose ^^ but here's what i got....
1.Tabula Rasa
3.Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
4.The Replacement
7.Normal again
8.The Zeppo

I hope someone makes an angel one xD not official or anything just for polls
I went with...
2.14 Innocence
2.17 Passion
2.22 Becoming pt 2
3.18 Earshot
4.10 Hush
4.16 Who Are You
4.22 Restless
5.16 The Body
6.07 Once More With Feeling
6.17 Normal Again

So glad you can vote more than once I already have ten more I want to add :D
I have major issues with these things once it goes beyond my top 5, which are:
2)Conversations with Dead People
4)Once More, With Feeling
5)The Body

Beyond that, I could probably populate the rest of the list with atleast 20 episodes lol I guess I'll just have to keep revoting and changing out 6-10.
I can't possibly do this. Ten is simply not enough!
3)The Body
4)Becoming Pt 2
5)The Gift
8)The Prom
9)Normal Again

Now off to vote for some more.
Mine (in chronological order, because choosing just ten was hard enough without ranking them):

1. Innocence
2. Becoming, Part 2
3. The Wish
4. Amends
5. Who Are You?
6. New Moon Rising
7. Restless
8. Fool for Love
9. The Gift
10. Once More, with Feeling
In order of selection, not ranked:
1-Prophecy Girl
3-Becoming Part 2
4-Band Candy
5-Who Are You?
7-The Gift
9-Get It Done
Well, Madhatter, if you have a spreadsheet where you ranked all the episodes from 1 to 144....

No, BtVS can never be ranked in that way which is why this is sooo hard. In a pinch, might be able to select 50 favorites. Heck, put me between a rock and a Hellmouth, I might be able to shave that to twenty-five.

Beyond that, I'm an indecisive and miserable mess.
If you can vote more than once, and a lot of us are having the "Only ten??????" problem, someone may wind up voting for all 144.
In order of airing, here are the 10 I chose. I dunno. Would swap some of these with a dozen different ones if I thought about it too much. There's some difference between "greatest" and "favorite", but these are all both for me.

-Becoming Pt. 2
-Fool For Love
-The Body
-The Gift
-Once More, With Feeling
-Conversations With Dead People
3.20 The Prom
6.07 Once More, With Feeling
2.22 Becoming, Part Two
7.07 Conversations with Dead People
5.07 Fool for Love
3.22 Graduation Day, Part Two
5.16 The Body
3.13 The Zeppo
4.16 Who Are You
4.10 Hush

The Puppet Show is #13, my highest ranked ep from season 1. Yes, I've ranked them all. No, I'm not ashamed.

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Because there are so many *Greats* and so many who will name them, I decided to do this> I entered my Top Ten, using that handy setup, then replaced each one systematically with another top quality episode. It made for a very interesting list, and some heartrending deletions. :P
I went with:

1. The Body
2. Once More With Feeling
3. The Gift
4. Who are You?
5. Innocence
6. Prophecy Girl
7. Bad Girls
8. Halloween
9. Conversations with Dead People
10 Villians
Here’s what I submitted; I started with the three or four I’ve probably watched most often of all, then added ones which most particularly stuck out to me at this moment (and actually, #6, #10, and likely #5 may be my next most-watched):

1. Once More, With Feeling
2. The Body
3. The Gift
4. Restless
5. Fool For Love
6. Grave
7. Who Are You?
8. Band Candy
9. Something Blue
10. Tabula Rasa

I could easily add another twenty - well, I’ve got twenty two more in my notes for this right now - and just may do so later… I do want to give the Logo site a shout-out, though - whoever set up that page did an excellent job selecting the screen caps! Seasons 1-5 in particular struck me as uniformly inspired in selecting one shot which could encapsulate each episode, or a most memorable moment from each.

[reason for edit: adding to final sentence]

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1 Restless
2 Becoming part 2
3 The Gift
4 Grave
5 Hush
6 The Body
7 Normal Again
8 Tabula Rasa
9 Once More With Feeling
10 Passion
Oh and everyone that doesn't rank their lists, I hope you're aware that if you do vote, even if you don't rank the episodes, the rank will still matter and greatly so...
My favorites:

1. The Body
2. Once More, With Feeling
3. Restless
4. Conversations with Dead People
5. Fool for Love
6. The Gift
7. Becoming
8. Graduation Day
9. Hush
10. Chosen

For the two-parters, I chose part two.
The Body is well done, but I dont' like to watch it. I am surprised that nobody put DEAD THINGS on the list. That episode was thought provoking and remarkably well done.
Can we do this for Firefly too, and maybe get them to air the whole series again?
Oooo, so tough. I've gone for:

1. Hush
2. I Only Have Eyes for You
3. The Body
4. The Gift
5. Band Candy
6. Passion
7. Fear Itself
8. Earshot
9. Doppelgangland
10. OMWF

IOHEFY was the first episode where I really got Buffy from a feminist perspective. I think that episode communicates all the relationship themes of series 2 in one very cool package. And now I'm listening to Etta James again. :)
Here's mine:

1. The Pack
2. Halloween
3. The Dark Age
4. Passion
5. The Wish
6. The Zeppo
7. Hush
8. Who Are You?
9. Fool for Love
10. The Body
Prophecy Girl
School Hard
Faith, Hope, & Trick
Lovers Walk
Bad Girls
Who Are You
Fool for Love

Would have added: The Dark Age, Passion, Band Candy, but would have run out by s4

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In chronological order:
Becoming pt2
Graduation Day pt2
The Body
The Gift
My top 10 (airing order):

Becoming: Part 1
Fear Itself
Something Blue
A New Man
Fool for Love

Also voted for:

The Pack
Band Candy
The Zeppo
The Prom
The Freshman
The Harsh Light of Day
The Initiative
Who Are You?
The Gift
Once More, With Feeling
Tabula Rasa
Older and Far Away
Hell's Bells
Two to Go
Lies My Parents Told Me

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In order of episode:

1. The Dark Age
2. Innocence
3. Passion
4. I Only Have Eyes For You
5. Becoming: Part Two
6. Amends
7. Hush
8. The Gift
9. Once More, With Feeling
10. Selfless

Forgot to say that The Wish and Band Candy were among those top ones that I just didn't put the first time around. Thank goodness for the ability to vote twice!

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Very challenging.

1. Band Candy
2. Doppelgangland
3. The Prom
4. Graduation Day. Pt.2
5. Fear Itself
6. Hush
7. Who are You?
8. The Gift
9. The Replacement
10. Once More With Feeling
I've got to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of "Who Are You?" votes. Not that I don't believe its a fantastic episode (I did indeed vote for it), I was just not aware of its popularity.
Was also not aware of how much my love for Who Are You? was shared. Also happy that most of the lists have OMWF and Fool for Love and Restless at least somewhere on them :p
Ah, "Who Are You?" is a classic episode, love it to death. Also glad to see the love for "Selfless" which just plain broke my heart.
1. Earshot
2/3 Graduation Day
4. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
5. Lover's Walk
6. Hush
7. Innocence
8. Helpless
9. Prophecy Girl
10. The Body

I only wanted one two parter, so I sucked it up and chose the slightly more favorite one, so it was painful to bump Becoming from third place (voting for one part of a two parter just doesn't make sense, sorry).

Special mentions for Doppelgangland, Who Are You?, Angel, I Only Have Eyes For You, Passion, Selfless, Anne and Restless.

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This was the first time ever I tried making a top 10, don't know how I did it but I ended with:

1. The Gift
2. Dirty Girls
3. Normal Again
4. Anne
5. Bad Girls
6. Earshot
7. Pangs
8. Hush
9. Who Are You?
10. Passion
School Hard, Surprise, Passion, The Wish, Pangs, Restless, The Body, The Gift, OMWF, Grave... no screw that *takes out School Hard, inputs Amends*
2. The Body
3. The Gift
4. Hush
5. Conversations with Dead People
6. Chosen
7. Fool for Love
8. Lies My Parents Told Me
9. Pangs
10. Band Candy

On any given day, this list might alternately include: Restless, Doppelgangland, Normal Again, I Only Have Eyes for You, Graduation Day pt. 2, Becoming pt. 2. I don't think I've ever been consistent.
1. Once More, With Feeling
2. The Body
3. The Gift
4. Hush
5. Graduation Day Pt. 2
6. Becoming Pt. 2
7. Chosen
8. The Wish
9. Fool For Love
10. Passion
I voted for:

1 - Hush
2 - Graduation Day, Part 1
3 - The Body
4 - Becoming, Part 2
5 - Restless
6 - Normal Again
7 - Anne
8 - End of Days
9 - The Gift
10 - Villians
It's awesome to see everyone's suggestions! :) This was tough, but since I'm feeling more in need of happy Buffy these days, I think my selection is a little off what it otherwise could be. It is, for instance very Spike-light (which, trust me -- shocking!).
Anyway, my ten this time around (I didn't get how to order them, either...):
The Wish,
Living Conditions,
Fear Itself,
Who Are You?,
Life Serial,
Once More With Feeling.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who enjoys Buffy's roommate Kathy -- I honestly think that's a hilarious episode.
*hums "Do You Believe"...*
And Life Serial?!? Am I the only one who sees Sarah's "You want slug? Go with slug. She's not gonna sleep with you anyway!" as priceless?
"This is an ex-mummy hand!" I wouldn't call it happy Buffy but "Life Serial" is probably my all-time favorite.
1 Season 4: Goodbye Iowa
2 Season 4: Who Are You?
3 Season 4: Superstar
4 Season 3: The Zeppo
5 Season 3: The Wish
6 Season 5: Triangle
7 Season 5: The Body
8 Season 6: Once More, With...
9 Season 6: Gone
10 Season 7: Chosen

I tried to go with some of the underdog episodes in. Goodbye, Iowa, however IS my favorite episode. That was the perfect embodiement of all that is Buffy. Take 44 mins and rewatch it sometime. You'll see what I mean. Honorable mentions include Seeing Red, Ted, Dopplegangland, Band Candy, and Hush.
Best not forget "The Return of the Jedi" Death Star mural along with sound track horn!
It changes often. Here it is today:

1. 5.16. The Body
2. 6.07. Once More, With Feeling
3. 4.22. Restless
4. 2.14. Innocence
5. 5.22. The Gift
6. 6.13. Dead Things
7. 2.22. Becoming, Part 2
8. 5.07. Fool for Love
9. 3.13. The Zeppo
10. 7.05. Selfless

Honourable mentions include but are not limited to (have no doubt forgotten something): The Pack, Prophecy Girl, Lie to Me, Passion, I Only Have Eyes For You, Lovers Walk, The Wish, Consequences, Doppelgangland, Earshot, Pangs, Something Blue, Hush, Who Are You, New Moon Rising, Forever, Intervention, After Life, Normal Again, Seeing Red, Villains, Conversations with Dead People, Storyteller.
Other than the first three, I wouldn't say these are really in much of an order, it was hard to pick ten and I totally forgot about Intervention until someone mentioned it here (the Buffybot is so very awesome). Anyway, my list, as submitted:

1. Selfless
2. Once More With Feeling
3. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
4. When She Was Bad
5. Doppelgangland
6. Hush
7. The Gift
8. Band Candy
9. The Wish
10. Fool For Love

The ones that it hurt to leave out were:
11. Intervention
12. The Body
13. Conversations with Dead People
14. Him
1. Restless
3. The Body
4. The Gift
5. Hush
6. Fool for Love
7. Becoming Part 2
8. Beneath You
9. School Hard
10. Smashed
HMs: Conversations with Dead People, Lies My Parents Told Me, Innocence, The Pack, Something Blue, Storyteller, Gone, Graduation Day (both), Normal Again, Nightmares
"Who Are You?" might be the most under-rated episode in the show's entire run. So much character insight/growth/development in one episode. An excellent "nature vs. nurture" spotlight. Amazing episode. Glad to see it on a few lists.

Also, side note: I wonder if there's a correlation between when you started watching the show, and what your favorite episodes are. I started mid-season 2 and my favorite episodes are Innocence, Becoming 1/2, and Angel. Yet, those popular early episodes seem to be on only about a quarter of the lists. Just something I always think about whenever these kinds of discussions pop up.
I voted earlier this morning and I bet what I'm going to list isn't going to be the same as what I chose earlier, lol. There's just too many great BtVS episodes.

Anyway here's my list:

1. Becoming 2
2. Passion
3. Who are You?
4. Prophecy Girl
5. The Body
6. Innocence
7. Checkpoint
8. Amends
9. The Wish
10. When She Was Bad

AMCsoldier, I sometimes wonder about what influences people's favorites as well. It maybe when someone started watching or focusing on a favorite character. It's interesting to see fans' lists.
Wait, we can vote multiple times?! Shucks, someone just turned me loose in Slayer heaven! Now, for my OTHER favorites:

Seeing Red
Dead Things
Lies My Parents Told Me
Something Blue
Normal Again
Check point
Tough Love

Dang, ran out of votes again. So many great episodes of BtVS.
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who enjoys Buffy's roommate Kathy -- I honestly think that's a hilarious episode.
*hums "Do You Believe"...*
And Life Serial?!? Am I the only one who sees Sarah's "You want slug? Go with slug. She's not gonna sleep with you anyway!" as priceless?

You're not alone Carnelionne. Life Serial and Living Conditions were on my list too! Glad to find out there is someone else out there who can appreciates them too.

(My list was:)
1. Earshot
2. The Pack
3. The Freshman
4. Selfless
5. The Body
6. The Prom
7. Anne
8. Life Serial
9. Living Conditions
10. Fool for Love

I'd just like to know why MTV stopped airing the show so quickly. I'm still unhappy with them.
I am surprised that nobody put DEAD THINGS on the list. That episode was thought provoking and remarkably well done.
spikeylover | May 01, 17:40 CET

Hey, the return of the master vidder!

I did. It's always in my top 5.

ETA: running back up the thread, noticed that a couple other people included it as well.

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Goodbye, Iowa, however IS my favorite episode. That was the perfect embodiement of all that is Buffy. Take 44 mins and rewatch it sometime. You'll see what I mean.
Turbofist911 | May 02, 01:42 CET

At long last! I couldn't agree more. Well it's not my #1 favorite, but it is a very nearly perfect ep, in a number of ways: in terms of the story arc and character development at that point, the much under-rated acting by Maec Blucas and mostly, as a microcosm in one ep of one of the fundamental themes of BtS, loss of innocence.

I know that a lot of people don't like Riley's character and maybe that's why this little gem is so under-appreciated.
So happy to see all the Villains love! My all-time favorite episode (I kind of don't even consider The Body or OMWF episodes anymore, more like mini-films).
My Second Top Ten (at this moment/what I just voted for, anyway):

(2.)1. Pangs
(2.)2. Beneath You
(2.)3. Becoming: Part 2
(2.)4. Hush
(2.)5. I Only Have Eyes For You
(2.)6. Entropy
(2.)7. No Place Like Home
(2.)8. The Prom
(2.)9. Selfless
(2.)10. Chosen

With a lot of reshuffling before reaching the final order, particularly from 5-10, and with Prophesy Girl and Family just missing the cut. I Only Have Eyes, besides the great Sarah and David performances, gets extra points for Spike’s “Sooner than you think…!” denouement; Entropy, for me, was a real return to form after a stretch of “all right” and/or particularly downer eps in season six and remains a standout; No Place Like Home, conversely, was an episode which I didn’t really recognize at the time, and it was only on subsequent season re-watches that I realized just how solid it really was (though I have to admit that I do have a hard time remembering its actual title). Prophesy Girl probably gets a bit unfairly penalized by me with the lower production values of the show at the time perhaps being the last tiebreaker holding it back, while the Maclays (other than Tara, obviously) are just so unsavory that I don’t re-watch Family as often as I might. Still, in the likely event I submit a third top “ten”, I suppose they’ll be at or near the top of the order….
What the heck… Third Top Ten:
(3.)1. Family
(3.)2. Prophesy Girl
(3.)3. Doppelgangland
(3.)4. Lovers Walk
(3.)5. Conversations with Dead People
(3.)6. Storyteller
(3.)7. Smashed
(3.)8. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
(3.)9. Crush
(3.)10.The Yoko Factor

This time, Triangle, Lies My Parents Told Me, and Seeing Red almost made it; also thinking of Gingerbread, Potential - ! I haven’t done Lessons yet! Gaa! It might’ve easily made my top twenty if I’d thought of it!

Clearly, like many others, I could easily go on… and on… Probably until I’d voted for 135 episodes… or 140….
I didn't know you could vote again but I stand by my list.

1. Becoming Part 2
2. Becoming Part 1
3. Fool For Love
4. Innocence
5. Prom
6. Once More, With Feeling
7. Angel
8. Pangs
9. Hush
10. Band Candy

And there were so many runners up that really could have been on this list easily, but by my gut chose these. I will vote the same way again! Splitting my votes is no good.

AMCsoldier, I made this list before I saw your post. I also started watching mid-way through season 2 and all those episodes are on my list! Coincidence? I think not. You're on to something.

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@Shey EXACTLY my point. See I personally have never liked Riley either, but this is one of the VERY few times where I was hooked on his character 100%. I mean my GOD, that poor guy. He's coming down off a drug he didn't even know he was on, and he's finding out that his entire world is just a big effing lie. His mentor is both evil AND dead, Buffy's been hiding Spike, her friends can't trust him, he finds out that there's a shitload about the Initiative he never knew about. It's the intorduction of Adam and he starts by murdering a child. Secrets are revealed, there's actual horror, redemption, betrayal, lines are drawn and crossed, it truly begins the Willow is gay arc, I mean just wow. This episode is so packed with everything that makes Buffy such a good show. Truly an underrated gem of the series.

[ edited by Turbofist911 on 2010-05-03 09:08 ]
I felt like ten spots was not nearly enough room. :(

I voted anyway though. Probably mostly the typical fan faves.
It's hard to order them, past the first two, but here're mine:

1. The Body
3. The Gift
4. Fool for Love
5. Conversations with Dead People
6. Hush
7. Restless
8. Selfless
9. Becoming, Pt. 2
10. The Zeppo (it was a choice between this and Doppelgangland, neither of which really further the overall series, but both are really clever and kinda meta - both of them are more pure "favorites" than "bests," which I do consider to be different)

I'm also kind of shocked that, even though I consider season three the best overall season, most of my list (and all of my top 5) comes from seasons 5-7.

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Final results:

30. Buffy vs. Dracula
29. The Prom
28. Who Are You?
27. Graduation Day, Pt. Two
26. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
25. Primeval
24. Grave
23. Halloween
22. Surprise
21. Band Candy
20. Tabula Rasa
19. Touched
18. Innocence
17. Becoming, Pt. Two
16. Out Of My Mind
15. Doppelgangland
14. The Initiative
13. The Body
12. Gone
11. Intervention
10. The Gift
9. Beneath You
8. Crush
7. The Wish
6. Lovers Walk
5. Chosen
4. Fool For Love
3. Something Blue
2. Hush
1. Once More, With Feeling

Looks like a certain shipper contingent showed up in force.

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